12-15-2010 11:03 PM
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  1. couchomatic's Avatar
    i'd love to win a nexus s! I'm in! Thanks!
    12-06-2010 09:47 PM
  2. jca126's Avatar
    Winning this would be so awesome! I've always wanted to have an android phone!
    12-06-2010 09:47 PM
  3. egat3's Avatar
    this phone looks amazing, i hope i get one.
    12-06-2010 09:48 PM
  4. cmontrose's Avatar
    Thanks Phil, What an awesome idea for a contest! Another reason to be here all the time!
    Thanks, Chris
    12-06-2010 09:49 PM
  5. Ablacksparrow's Avatar
    Count me in.
    12-06-2010 09:51 PM
  6. marcusarellius's Avatar
    The only thing that would be better than having Whoopie serve me a drink on the USS Enterprise and traveling to a dimension where joy is a blanket you could wrap yourself in. Would be a hot fresh gingerbreaded Nexus S. Oh to return to the Nexus... its all I want for Christmas.
    12-06-2010 09:51 PM
  7. abarca326's Avatar
    Winning contests isn't my forte but entering them is. Im heading to college next year and probably wont be buying any type of smart phone for the next 4 years. Winning this would make it an awesome graduation gift from android central.
    12-06-2010 09:51 PM
  8. socachic916's Avatar
    Momma sure needs a brand new toy! Let's spin the wheel!
    12-06-2010 09:54 PM
  9. MallyMall88's Avatar
    stock android, no keyboard, double cam 4 inch sAmoled... whooooooo .. thats what i need in my LIFE!!!!!!!... by the good luck powers invested in and with the help of o-mighty god... this nexus S Shall be mine!!!!!!!!
    12-06-2010 09:55 PM
  10. jorj7's Avatar
    I want in also. Thanks for the opportunity.

    (Ion, Droid, EVO, Captivate)
    12-06-2010 09:56 PM
  11. btags's Avatar
    I wouldn't mind getting an android phone. I have had the same flip phone for two to three years so the google nexus s would be a nice upgrade.
    12-06-2010 09:56 PM
  12. quietriot84's Avatar
    My droid is drooling all over this phone... so am I...
    12-06-2010 09:56 PM
  13. scottie30isu's Avatar
    I WANT IT! Really want to have a vanilla phone.
    12-06-2010 09:57 PM
  14. heavensword's Avatar
    I have one of the original Nexus One phones that I bought almost a year ago. My wife needs a new phone, so I was going to get her a G2 (she wants a keyboard), but a new Nexus would be a welcome addition! Thanks for doing this AC!
    12-06-2010 09:58 PM
  15. rickmonroe's Avatar
    From a Nexus One user: welcome Nexus S.
    12-06-2010 09:59 PM
  16. berto1286's Avatar
    Good luck. The S is for sweet!
    12-06-2010 10:00 PM
  17. mikebrodesky's Avatar
    I'd really love one.

    12-06-2010 10:00 PM
  18. Groboto's Avatar
    This is my first post here. Do I get a house warming present? :3
    12-06-2010 10:01 PM
  19. damngood98's Avatar
    not sure i want this phone for that price but i'd sure love to win one!
    12-06-2010 10:02 PM
  20. jbomb11's Avatar
    I'm in it to win it....hopefully

    Sent from my Droid using my fingers.
    12-06-2010 10:04 PM
  21. abanoub14's Avatar
    I want to win i doubt i will get it though i bet like 2000000000000 people are entering *sarcasm*
    12-06-2010 10:05 PM
  22. cesarif's Avatar
    Thanks for the contest. Nexus s please be mine
    12-06-2010 10:07 PM
  23. kiwiw's Avatar
    I'd really love one, I can already imagine myself running through the woods with it on my hand..
    12-06-2010 10:07 PM
  24. leithq's Avatar
    count me in too

    Droid & droid X works great on me. would love to get my hands on google phone.
    12-06-2010 10:08 PM
  25. mrdavis55's Avatar
    OMG. I need this bad... My G1 is getting a little long in the tooth....
    12-06-2010 10:09 PM
3,902 ... 5859606162 ...