12-15-2010 11:03 PM
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  1. arro's Avatar
    Signed up just for this contest!

    Hope I win, so I'll have a reason to stay.
    12-06-2010 10:41 PM
  2. Dark Phoenix's Avatar
    me please. I'm new to android but I know alot about it! Hope I win!
    12-06-2010 10:43 PM
  3. Boostz06's Avatar
    Pick me please I want one
    12-06-2010 10:44 PM
  4. sonicblueheaven's Avatar

    (even if im not from New York, its still a great word.)
    12-06-2010 10:45 PM
  5. LightDrake's Avatar
    Me Me!
    Huge fan of android
    12-06-2010 10:45 PM
  6. Baconator's Avatar
    Baconator! I really want this phone! Not one day had passed that I had not googled this phone haha! Please make my day androidcentral.com! I have an HTC Hero and I hate it I am going to T-mobile and this would be the perfect phone to start out with on T-Mobile!
    (And come on, my username is Baconator, why not me)

    Good luck to all!
    12-06-2010 10:45 PM
  7. Soothsayre's Avatar
    Wait. Wait wait wait. A free Nexus S? How could I NOT enter?
    12-06-2010 10:46 PM
  8. Baconator's Avatar
    when does the contest end?
    12-06-2010 10:47 PM
  9. soccerfx19's Avatar
    please pick me
    12-06-2010 10:47 PM
  10. jackdroid's Avatar
    Not a shocker! We all want it. What a Christmas treat.
    12-06-2010 10:47 PM
  11. painfullboat's Avatar
    i want one
    12-06-2010 10:47 PM
  12. gearjunkeez's Avatar
    Posting in worship of the little green robot to get in on the Nexus S!!!
    12-06-2010 10:48 PM
  13. Xciteme's Avatar
    I love It, send one my way!
    12-06-2010 10:48 PM
  14. Dtdunn's Avatar
    Nice, curved glass
    12-06-2010 10:49 PM
  15. brianallenus's Avatar
    I am quickly outgrowing my Nexus One and have been looking for a replacement that would give me the same type of experience. This Nexus S looks to be that,
    12-06-2010 10:49 PM
  16. logodude's Avatar
    I have had my dinc for a wile now and it has been a great phone but the speaker keeps going out, its just getting old. I would almost kill to have a phone like this. I want to be that person that gets those must have updates first. Plus, look at that screen!!!!!!!!
    12-06-2010 10:50 PM
  17. timberga's Avatar
    I'm all in for this contest!
    12-06-2010 10:50 PM
  18. rexpencoe's Avatar
    pick me, here is hoping
    12-06-2010 10:50 PM
  19. aseem123's Avatar
    I want to win the Nexus S.
    12-06-2010 10:51 PM
  20. ausdroid's Avatar
    pick me pick me!!!
    12-06-2010 10:52 PM
  21. ShinKen's Avatar
    What a christmas gift this would be nexus s!
    12-06-2010 10:52 PM
  22. louis's Avatar
    Yes, Please!
    12-06-2010 10:54 PM
  23. MagickalChilde's Avatar
    Count me in please
    12-06-2010 10:54 PM
  24. ShinyBuddha's Avatar
    Wow, I so love to grab this fantastic piece of hardware from such a great site. If I win, I post to post action shots and a review!
    12-06-2010 10:54 PM
  25. liggy's Avatar
    Trying to switch from Pre to Android ... please help me out!!

    Thanks guys!
    12-06-2010 10:55 PM
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