12-13-2010 12:26 PM
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  1. Phil Nickinson's Avatar

    The YouMail Android app was updated recently, and they've given us a handful of premium subscriptions to give away. With it you get unlimited human-transcribed voicemail.

    To win, just leave a post in this thread. Contest ends when the thread is closed. Good luck!
    12-10-2010 11:46 AM
  2. YBrammer's Avatar
    I love YouMail.. I've been using it for so long now. I used it back with my Samsung A737 (image I found on Google: http://bra.ms/3Zgp) and I use it a bit on my iPhone but it doesn't work as nice on iPhone as any other phone I've tried it with.. Point, I've used YouMail for about 3 years now => I love it!
    12-10-2010 12:40 PM
  3. sosuok's Avatar
    One of the best apps on my captivate.
    12-10-2010 12:42 PM
  4. Sassyone's Avatar
    I would LOVE this!!! Please select me!!!!

    Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk
    12-10-2010 12:44 PM
  5. BuddyLee's Avatar
    OMG, I used to use youmail back in the day with winmo for some reason I cant remember why I left youmail ... probably because of the poor app support for winmo.

    But i would love to get a subscription and head back to youmail.

    I'd be there in a heartbeat.
    12-10-2010 12:49 PM
  6. daplacidone's Avatar
    12-10-2010 12:50 PM
  7. Lakers247's Avatar
    Win win win
    12-10-2010 12:51 PM
  8. kekil's Avatar
    may i have the honor?
    12-10-2010 12:59 PM
  9. albokay's Avatar
    Great service. Used it shortly after I got a droid. Premium service would be great.
    12-10-2010 01:02 PM
  10. newtronco's Avatar
    Count me in!
    12-10-2010 01:06 PM
  11. earldriscoll's Avatar
    I would love to win a premium subscription to youmail.
    12-10-2010 01:06 PM
  12. Killa C's Avatar
    Been a youmail user since my BlackBerry. Always liked it there, and now that I have ny Droid X im still loving it. Free tranascription service would be AWESOME! ^_^
    12-10-2010 01:11 PM
  13. Chad1369's Avatar
    Can Android mail capabilities be improved?
    12-10-2010 01:33 PM
  14. ant's Avatar
    Winner over here
    12-10-2010 01:54 PM
  15. pareshpandit's Avatar
    Many thanks in advance!
    12-10-2010 01:55 PM
  16. ibikeiruniswim's Avatar
    Me me me
    12-10-2010 02:24 PM
  17. SaltheTech's Avatar
    Pick me so I can go "hooray for me!" Chappelle voice
    12-10-2010 02:36 PM
  18. Bluelens's Avatar
    my turn my turn
    12-10-2010 02:55 PM
  19. jcole01272's Avatar
    I would LOVE this!!!
    12-10-2010 03:06 PM
  20. ncl's Avatar
    Would love to give youmail a try. Google voice transcriptions are....ummmm....lacking sometimes
    12-10-2010 03:09 PM
  21. MWH811's Avatar
    Love YouMail!
    12-10-2010 03:13 PM
  22. guan67's Avatar
    I'm in
    12-10-2010 03:14 PM
  23. bassmanxu's Avatar
    Count me in! Thanks, AC!
    12-10-2010 03:14 PM
  24. matyou98's Avatar
    I'd like to give this service a try. Looks very interesting.
    12-10-2010 03:23 PM
  25. smccloud's Avatar
    why not
    12-10-2010 03:33 PM
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