04-26-2015 09:35 PM
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  1. Farch's Avatar
    I'm ready for motion sickness...bring it on!
    04-16-2015 07:43 AM
  2. Antony Cha's Avatar
    Good luck to everyone! This would be a great way to start the spring/summer!
    04-16-2015 07:45 AM
  3. Silentoath21's Avatar
    I am excited for VR gaming.
    04-16-2015 07:46 AM
  4. howlinyid's Avatar
    Been looking at the VR sets and they look great being able to immerse myself in a virtual world would be fantastic . watching a film or exploring a 3d world would be really fun and an awesome experience
    04-16-2015 07:47 AM
  5. Michael Conger's Avatar
    Yes please!
    04-16-2015 07:47 AM
  6. jbhenry's Avatar
    I'm really looking forward to the possibilities VR brings to gaming. And also, I want to win this ;-)
    04-16-2015 07:48 AM
  7. Ikeman90's Avatar
    personally i want it for viewing video in a private mega screen movie theater with full surround sound surround sound (bt headphones) all while my wife sleeps peacefully next to me. cardboard was too uncomfortable but it served its purpose.
    04-16-2015 07:53 AM
  8. conalupei's Avatar
    I see VR tech as the best way to interact with any device. I would love to se some applications in CAD that take this approach. (Iron man style! )
    04-16-2015 07:54 AM
  9. Orlan2's Avatar
    what excites me the most about the VR is the possibilities and the doors that this might open in the videogames and augmented reality area of the technology, because its bringing the possibility to explore places in a virtual or digital way without being physically there, but yet feeling like u are truly there at least in a visual way.

    and regarding smartphones how we have come in such a short time to such powerful phones in our pockets that can do most of the things we never imagined to be able to do outside the realm of the PC but hey, not long ago my phone had a way more powerful processor than my laptop, and the exact same amount of RAM, and yet one wonders what will be next?

    Good Luck to everyone on this contest!
    04-16-2015 07:55 AM
  10. coreygator's Avatar
    Games! Exploring cities or directions to a new location in second.
    04-16-2015 07:55 AM
  11. Belfomat's Avatar
    What excites me most is not what is happening with VR now, but the potential it has. I'm looking forward to seeing what developers come up with in the coming years.
    04-16-2015 07:56 AM
  12. OLD_HATCH's Avatar
    I like the idea of being able to look around in a place you've actually never visited, The Grand Canyon for instance.

    Send me a Tmobile one please.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    04-16-2015 07:56 AM
  13. William Nicholson1's Avatar
    Think of sitting on your porch and exploring the world of your fantasy. Exciting!
    04-16-2015 07:57 AM
  14. hitsmanj's Avatar
    Me, please.
    04-16-2015 07:58 AM
  15. Trax22's Avatar
    I really enjoyed the VR Videos on Youtube. Completely blew my mind. Can't wait to see what possibilities this can open. I'm excited to see what the combinations of Augmented Reality and VR can do.
    04-16-2015 07:58 AM
  16. Jake Johnson's Avatar
    This would be sweet to have. Thanks for the chance.
    04-16-2015 07:59 AM
  17. Carlos Reyes4's Avatar
    Virtual Reality and one of the most intriguing phones to me. Sounds like a winning combo. Let this be my pull back into the android world!
    04-16-2015 07:59 AM
  18. Jonathan Semones's Avatar
    I'm excited for the ability to explore other worlds and places that I can't go to normally.
    04-16-2015 08:00 AM
  19. gaitch32's Avatar
    I miss my Viewmaster. Nothing like seeing the Grand Canyon in 3D with hood of a 1964 Oldsmobile in the foreground for perspective.
    04-16-2015 08:01 AM
  20. gpf2ez's Avatar
    VR really has the chance to change the way we do many things on our phones. I am looking forward to seeing how many new ideas there are in the next couple years.
    04-16-2015 08:01 AM
  21. Nodnerb's Avatar
    The VR capability of this phone would be awesome with its 2K screen. It was made for it. I've downloaded some of the VR apps but putting my hand in front of my nose to separate the screen and finding a sweet spot in distance from my eyes is impossible and underwhelming. I'm sure it's amazing with the proper googles and phone. ME PLEASE!!
    04-16-2015 08:02 AM
  22. phillygrl's Avatar
    I need a little VR to take my mind off the fact that I didn't get a tax refund this year!!
    04-16-2015 08:02 AM
  23. Chocoburger's Avatar
    What I'm most excited about is hoping that VR can finally win me over, ya know? I'm still skeptical of how good it could work via phone screen, and this could very well convince me.
    04-16-2015 08:02 AM
  24. Kristoffer's Avatar
    The immersiveness of games really exceeds any expectations. Specifically horror games are taken to a whole new level.
    04-16-2015 08:03 AM
  25. rkeVader's Avatar
    Would love to mess with some Android VR
    04-16-2015 08:03 AM
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