09-04-2015 08:32 AM
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  1. Frank Estevez's Avatar
    For me, it's the ability to use the S Pen immediately after removing it from the phone. Great for taking down a quick note.
    08-19-2015 11:23 AM
  2. bobcat56's Avatar
    The S pen seems even better now

    Posted via the Android Central App
    08-19-2015 11:23 AM
  3. xtremist5150's Avatar
    The big screen! What can I say?
    08-19-2015 11:23 AM
  4. Joel E's Avatar
    Aww yeah gimme that s-pen power!

    Posted via the Android Central App
    08-19-2015 11:23 AM
  5. miareason's Avatar
    Would love the new fast wireless charging and the new S pen. After a terribly rough year, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some good luck! ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€
    08-19-2015 11:23 AM
  6. SAVJR's Avatar
    I am looking forward to the new camera and spen
    08-19-2015 11:24 AM
  7. B Posey's Avatar
    Take note while screen is off is by far the best feature in the GN5.

    Posted from the last of a dying breed...GALAXY Note 4
    08-19-2015 11:24 AM
  8. James Duzz's Avatar
    Thaaa CAMERA
    08-19-2015 11:24 AM
  9. dld542004's Avatar
    Just leaving a comment!
    08-19-2015 11:25 AM
  10. oneWAYup7's Avatar
    Of course play the Angry Birds. What else?
    08-19-2015 11:25 AM
  11. gt7143c's Avatar
    I want to win!
    08-19-2015 11:25 AM
  12. badwolfjb's Avatar
    Love this phone!
    08-19-2015 11:25 AM
  13. Jimmy Davis2's Avatar
    S Pen, bigger screen, & I want to give my wife my S6 so we can get rid of her ICRAP
    08-19-2015 11:25 AM
  14. Princess Regules's Avatar
    Upgrading from a note 3 little nervous due to it not having expandable memory but still excited can't wait to have one.
    08-19-2015 11:27 AM
  15. LovinSoulGlo's Avatar
    Fast wireless charging and I love love love the new look as well
    08-19-2015 11:29 AM
  16. Suyog Dalal's Avatar
    Looking forward for the ease of taking note with screen off after ejecting S pen in Note 5
    08-19-2015 11:29 AM
  17. knox05's Avatar
    I don't know about fast wireless charging. You can't even get the charger to see how good or fast this fast wireless charging feature it
    08-19-2015 11:29 AM
  18. wavesforlife's Avatar
    The Note 5 is a beast! That beautiful screen, amazing camera, beautiful hardware and 4gb of ram make it my dream phone!
    08-19-2015 11:29 AM
  19. Tampaguy75's Avatar
    I'm looking forward to a better battery life and less lag due to the poor implementation of lollipop on my Note 4.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    08-19-2015 11:29 AM
  20. SactoKingsFan's Avatar
    S-Pen, notes with screen off and battery life.

    Sent from my 6045I using Tapatalk
    08-19-2015 11:30 AM
  21. COPC's Avatar
    Wireless charging, Spen and more.
    08-19-2015 11:30 AM
  22. z1nsane's Avatar
    Writing on the screen when it's off, with the S Pen, is interesting.
    08-19-2015 11:30 AM
  23. rygibbo551's Avatar
    S pen on the note 5! Had a s4 but used someone's note 3 and loved the pen feature!

    Posted via the Android Central App
    08-19-2015 11:31 AM
  24. palmor's Avatar
    Another great giveaway.

    For me the payment feature is the thing I'd look forward to the most.

    08-19-2015 11:31 AM
  25. Yell0w's Avatar
    I love the improved camera!

    Posted via the Android Central App
    08-19-2015 11:31 AM
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