09-04-2015 08:32 AM
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  1. CharlyDigital's Avatar
    Looking forward to that beautiful screen!
    08-21-2015 04:18 PM
  2. Shamoy12345's Avatar
    I would sell this to get money to buy a SONY XPERIA Z6.
    08-21-2015 04:24 PM
  3. jazman_777's Avatar
    Look forward to the outstanding screen and camera.
    08-21-2015 04:44 PM
  4. crazycanuck76's Avatar
    I would love to get this to replace my piece of crap HTC. The specs look good and would like to see what the Note has to offer.
    08-21-2015 04:46 PM
  5. swiftjustice007's Avatar
    Thanks for this giveaway especially since it won't come to the UK. I love the ability to take notes with the screen off.
    08-21-2015 04:47 PM
  6. doc31's Avatar
    starting to think I need to replace this G4. (already)
    08-21-2015 05:05 PM
  7. mz7590's Avatar
    YES!!!! i love how the new Note 5 has a nice and sleek design. I love that it is still nice and thin, which is something i was afraid of!
    08-21-2015 05:08 PM
  8. broncop3t3's Avatar
    Love it! Love the large screen
    08-21-2015 05:24 PM
  9. samdprice's Avatar
    It's a good looking phone
    08-21-2015 05:36 PM
  10. evilempire's Avatar
    TO take notes when the screen is off and to use the theme store!!
    08-21-2015 05:41 PM
  11. Cbtweety's Avatar
    This chick so needs a new phone and the Galaxy Note 5 is ticking all the boxes ... camera, S Pen, Wireless charging and looking Mighty Sleek
    08-21-2015 05:52 PM
  12. Saturn1217's Avatar
    Just tried out a Note 5 at T-mobile and I really liked what I saw.

    Probably my most anticipated feature is the screen, both for how bright it can get but also for how dim it can get. I really want to use the Note 5 for night time reading.

    Also if I don't win I have to live with a broken Nexus 5 for the foreseeable future :-(
    08-21-2015 05:59 PM
  13. fee dee cat's Avatar
    First time note owner..to be. I love updated stylus and picture quality

    Posted via Android Central App
    08-21-2015 06:01 PM
  14. dejireru's Avatar
    The fast charging feature sounds great, I hope it works just as fine in the long run without any kind of complication.
    Looking forward to see who wins the note 5 !
    08-21-2015 06:13 PM
  15. thebaum's Avatar
    would love the screen and fast charging
    08-21-2015 06:25 PM
  16. Von Spradlin's Avatar
    I don't really want it.... My wife does... Get me out of the dog house man!

    Posted via the Android Central App
    08-21-2015 06:36 PM
  17. Greff15's Avatar
    I would love this for the pro camera features to shoot raw and control the shutter speed and also the ability to take quick notes with the screen off
    08-21-2015 06:36 PM
  18. CarolinaguynTX's Avatar
    The screen, the camera, the new S pen features, the new design, the toned down TouchWiz, what's not to like? Non removable battery: never used it anyway; missing sd card: boo hoo - one less headache.
    08-21-2015 06:45 PM
  19. knemchak's Avatar
    Quick wireless charging.
    08-21-2015 07:00 PM
  20. wyrmbyte's Avatar
    I have both the Note 2 (media player) and Note 4 (daily driver) and I am a active user of the SPen. I'm always sketching, taking notes or recording ideas.
    08-21-2015 07:25 PM
  21. BugCollector's Avatar
    Spen Spen Spen! Got it?
    08-21-2015 07:25 PM
  22. Kepeq's Avatar
    the best feature for me?

    the ram ! maybe 4-5GB of RAM ! amazing !
    wow a beast ! i want it !!!

    good luck !
    08-21-2015 08:01 PM
  23. Kevin OQuinn's Avatar
    I would LOVE to win a Note 5. New fast wireless charging sounds great.
    08-21-2015 08:22 PM
  24. Gekko's Avatar
    hey now!
    08-21-2015 08:50 PM
  25. Mahmood Abdulla's Avatar
    I hope to win one time the Samsung note 5
    08-21-2015 09:00 PM
3,317 ... 7879808182 ...

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