09-09-2015 01:06 PM
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  1. abhijeet715's Avatar
    Something that really amazed me was the curved design... Its useful to see notifications without picking your phone by chance you are sleeping or you are too lazy to pick up your phone... So i want to win this phone !!!
    08-28-2015 09:08 PM
  2. dunnovan's Avatar
    This is the perfect opportunity to upgrade from my LG Optimus L9!!!
    08-28-2015 09:11 PM
  3. jspan2's Avatar
    Best flagship phone of the year ! Would be great to win one!
    08-28-2015 09:18 PM
  4. ccarbo96's Avatar
    hook it up!
    08-28-2015 09:41 PM
  5. williamsjw1974's Avatar
    This would be a great replacement of my S4. It has been a great phone and I love it. It actually brought me back to android. I traded in my iPhone for the S4.
    08-28-2015 09:56 PM
  6. SelimSagor's Avatar
    wireless charging
    08-28-2015 09:56 PM
  7. Mega Promethium's Avatar
    i neeed a new phone still using s3 mini for 3 years
    08-28-2015 09:59 PM
  8. Murtada Shihab's Avatar
    Samsung is the best with all respects for the other companies
    08-28-2015 10:00 PM
  9. errio7's Avatar
    Even if I don't win, I think it's great that they're doing this
    08-28-2015 10:30 PM
  10. Tim Norris's Avatar
    Would be nice.
    08-28-2015 10:36 PM
  11. Pavan Kakathkar's Avatar
    Samsung Galaxy Edge+ can make my life ++
    08-28-2015 10:54 PM
  12. sigma24's Avatar
    I love Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Curvy Screen!
    08-28-2015 10:55 PM
  13. KINM's Avatar
    bigger and still got the curve.. yummy..
    08-28-2015 11:12 PM
  14. Benjamin Rodriguez Reyes's Avatar
    I want one cause it looks really nice and my phone is broken :P
    08-28-2015 11:23 PM
  15. Resendetra's Avatar
    I'm looking forward to the fact that this phone supports RAW images and a manual shutter speed adjustment. I love taking photos and I would like to process such photos using RAW instead of JPEG doing it pretty much all for me, it would give me better control.

    I've always preferred Samsung over any other brand of smartphone.
    08-29-2015 12:43 AM
  16. Rose4uKY's Avatar
    I like it too
    08-29-2015 01:01 AM
  17. chekp38's Avatar
    Would love to have this.
    08-29-2015 01:13 AM
  18. benzaiten's Avatar
    I can't wait!!! I love Samsung.
    08-29-2015 01:27 AM
  19. lifereinspired's Avatar
    You have to love the screen...and the camera is looking awesome!
    08-29-2015 01:40 AM
  20. Chaos5's Avatar
    The YouTube live steaming is pretty neat idea wouldn't mind using that. Good luck to all.
    08-29-2015 01:41 AM
  21. dourix's Avatar
    size + ram&cpu ...
    08-29-2015 01:50 AM
  22. Sithara Ariyarathna's Avatar
    Would love to win! Thanks for the contest!
    08-29-2015 01:58 AM
  23. Ai Shaths's Avatar
    Thanks. Its a nice giveaway. I'd switch to samsung Looking forward to win. Insha Allah
    08-29-2015 02:55 AM
  24. Myk Somerville's Avatar
    Just broke my S5, so winning this would make my year!
    08-29-2015 03:23 AM
  25. ramonoppar's Avatar
    I want dat camera! And I'm also curious about that edge experience. Hope I win!
    08-29-2015 03:55 AM
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