09-09-2015 01:06 PM
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  1. revbruce3's Avatar
    I would like it because it is NOT and Iphone.
    08-30-2015 06:39 PM
  2. ellopr's Avatar
    ME want cookies
    08-30-2015 07:49 PM
  3. jlaroche's Avatar
    It would be nice to win.
    08-30-2015 07:51 PM
  4. quantumeagle's Avatar
    Love to win
    08-30-2015 08:01 PM
  5. Cyxodus's Avatar
    I would love to win a Galaxy S6 Edge.
    08-30-2015 08:15 PM
  6. larchi's Avatar
    Count me in. S6 edge+ sounds pretty cool.
    08-30-2015 08:30 PM
  7. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    Sweeeet! I'd love to have one of those.
    08-30-2015 08:54 PM
  8. lindseybp's Avatar
    Love the s6+ edge screen size!
    08-30-2015 09:02 PM
  9. mrscowboy42's Avatar
    Just being introduced to the world of android and samsung, after being an iPhone user for 5 years! So far I love it!
    08-30-2015 09:05 PM
  10. Windows Phone 10's Avatar
    May the odds be with us.

    A new phone would be great. I have a 2012 phone
    08-30-2015 09:05 PM
  11. richard_rsp's Avatar
    I have not been a fan of past Samsung products, but the new devices seem a bit nicer. Please enter me in the contest!
    08-30-2015 09:24 PM
  12. BillJr106's Avatar
    I would love to win this phone!
    08-30-2015 09:27 PM
  13. John Crafton's Avatar
    I like my wife's S6, but the larger S6 Edge+ would fit my needs better. I'm very curious about the curved edges on the display, but the rest of the phone is really what I'm excited for.
    08-30-2015 09:31 PM
  14. miarwi's Avatar
    I use to be a die hard Samsung fan but switched to HTC a few years ago. My brother in law has this phone and I must say I'm more than intrigued by the design and specs in general.
    08-30-2015 09:37 PM
  15. csmithbhm80's Avatar
    I would absolutely freak out if I won this!! I'm looking for to the Exynos 7420 processor handling all the games I play along with that amazing screen. Luck don't fail me now!! Hahaha
    08-30-2015 10:13 PM
  16. Gaston Garcia's Avatar
    I'm already waiting for it! Come on
    08-30-2015 10:27 PM
  17. Abhishek Gidde's Avatar
    Women And Phones Both Look Sexy With Curves *Winks*
    08-30-2015 10:41 PM
  18. Rykz's Avatar
    fingers crossed*
    08-30-2015 10:43 PM
  19. muggy's Avatar
    Thanks for the contest, it is pretty hard to argue against Samsung these days.
    08-30-2015 10:57 PM
  20. houch80's Avatar
    Be a great early Christmas present!
    08-30-2015 11:06 PM
  21. squintyboy's Avatar
    need this upgrade
    08-30-2015 11:45 PM
  22. caheath's Avatar
    Cool giveaway, I hope the promotion helps you guys
    08-30-2015 11:55 PM
  23. rp.cavanaugh's Avatar
    Funny to see so many entries after all the sd card and battery complaints.
    08-31-2015 12:18 AM
  24. DLindsey88#AC's Avatar
    Curved edge FTW. Makes the phone feel more compact.
    08-31-2015 12:31 AM
  25. Burnt Toast's Avatar
    Fun and exciting! I love new phones.
    08-31-2015 01:03 AM
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