1. mclardass's Avatar
    Fingerprint reader would be nice, getting tired of my iPhone friends rubbing my nose in it
    11-04-2015 07:05 PM
  2. Nicole Quiles's Avatar
    Because its the coolest phone ever!
    11-04-2015 07:06 PM
  3. hcokiddtony's Avatar
    Because I always regret not buying the original Nexus 5.
    11-04-2015 07:18 PM
  4. Sarah Gramaje's Avatar
    I want to win a Nexus 5X because I really love Android and it would be great to try out a Nexus phone
    11-04-2015 07:35 PM
  5. wan2run's Avatar
    Yes please!
    11-04-2015 07:41 PM
  6. noble ekuma's Avatar
    I love the fingerprint on the back making it easy to turn on, the camera can work miracles when i want to do little clips with my phone. I have had a nexus before and i loved it. I also like the color schemes and I would really like this since the phone i have right now only has 8GB. My friends with IPhone keep telling me my phone sucks compared to theirs and I would really love to prove them wrong. Also my phone has been glitching out lately and my parents are telling me to come over to the Iphone side and i don't want to because I love androids and the freedom that's given. With this phone I'll be able to prove them wrong and turns some heads

    Noble Ekuma
    11-04-2015 08:19 PM
  7. TharinduUdara20's Avatar
    Because of quick software updates
    11-04-2015 09:10 PM
  8. Crystalyne's Avatar
    Reason 1. Would love to finally have a good camera. Reason 2. I get so tired of waiting for updates form the carriers.
    11-04-2015 09:21 PM
  9. ddkh's Avatar
    I'd like to win the nexus 5 to give the s5 to the wife since her S2 runs horrible.
    Always wanted to have a nexus model.
    Always hard buying new when you just had your first baby. Talk about diapers eating up a budget. She is now 2 months old
    11-04-2015 09:33 PM
  10. edglock21's Avatar
    Sitting here with my Razr Maxx (still) - would love to be able to use Android Pay and have the security of the fingerprint scanner on a 5X
    11-04-2015 09:36 PM
  11. SantiagoLarreta's Avatar
    i don`t have a phone i need the nexus 5x
    11-04-2015 09:56 PM
  12. jacksmith33's Avatar
    I want a 5X becausr Verizon has screwed me into a corner. Locked and encrypted bootloader, buggy firmware, and the inability to root or flash custom ROMs has ruined my first experience with android. I feel iOS is better after my awful experience with SM-G900V. (Samsung Galaxy S5 Verizon)

    Maybe Nexus can show me the true path of android.
    11-04-2015 10:04 PM
  13. conswello hunt's Avatar
    I really would like to win because just cant afford a new phone.still have a blackberry bold.
    11-04-2015 10:07 PM
  14. chronophilos's Avatar
    Even though it's the phone Russell told me not to get, I still want it!
    11-04-2015 10:56 PM
  15. Andy847's Avatar
    I want a Nexus 5X, Because I'm tired of being tied to Carriers. I would love to try Pure Android, have the ability to Root, Ability to get quick updates from Google, and lastly be able to try Project Fi so I can save some $$ on my monthly Bill. The fact that you're giving away one also doesn't hurt!
    11-04-2015 11:04 PM
  16. Disaster's Avatar
    Because wife would like something a little smaller than her Nexus 6.
    11-04-2015 11:07 PM
  17. Sanjeevkafle's Avatar
    I would like nexus 5X because I am a great fan of andriod and nexus phones.
    11-04-2015 11:20 PM
  18. anon(9682267)'s Avatar
    because 6p and 5x are the top!
    11-04-2015 11:46 PM
  19. shilia Ball's Avatar
    I would like a nexus5x because face book would be easier and bigger to talk to my kids and grand son because talken to them on face book on my cell phone is hard on my eyes and gives me head ackes plus I can't afford to buy one because I've bin very sick and have not bin worken and the one thing that helps me get threw the day is talken to them on face book if I had one wish it would be to win the Nexus5x because I would never put it down and it would make it alote easter to talk to my kids and grandson but I wish we could all win one every body that has entered to win one good luck to you all
    11-05-2015 12:26 AM
  20. gsd68's Avatar
    Checked reviews about new nexus devices and they are awesome.
    This will be my second mobile phone after using nokia 3310 for long time
    and i was saving money from a long time to buy my first smartphone
    hope i will win one..
    **fingers crossed**
    thanks Android Central
    11-05-2015 01:47 AM
  21. redb522's Avatar
    Because I have seen the light and Android is the only way to be!
    11-05-2015 01:47 AM
  22. poppinchamp's Avatar
    I have used iPhone for 2 years now and I feel like I deprive myself of freedom whenever I see a release of Nexus. My contract is about to end and this is a great chance to own one. I'm also an Android developer so it would be nice if I have this great device. To Android and beyond!
    11-05-2015 03:46 AM
  23. anon(55900)'s Avatar
    I'm a senior, 61, served in the US Navy for four years, I'm only working part time and can't afford a new phone for my wife who is retired military from the US Air Force after 21 years. She likes Android and she's stuck right now on an old Blackberry Z30. I want her to have the best!
    11-05-2015 04:54 AM
  24. vincehny's Avatar
    I've been rocking the HTC One X since that phone first came out. It's time for an upgrade.
    11-05-2015 06:50 AM
  25. metalfanatic's Avatar
    I want a 5X so that I get updates soon as possible.
    11-05-2015 07:22 AM
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