11-05-2015 06:48 PM
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  1. Chris Callanan's Avatar
    Why wouldn't I want one? Upgrade my N5, get a fingerprint reader - so many cool things to do with that! Android Pay! no more pass code to check updates... better camera, larger screen! Then create a Hand-me down of my N5 for somebody else in the family! Love it all the way around!
    10-27-2015 10:40 AM
  2. tneuman21's Avatar
    A 5X allows me to be flexible between carriers if needed and brings some AWESOME fingerprint integration. The phone makes me want to upgrade from my Moto X.
    10-27-2015 10:40 AM
  3. tyoac's Avatar
    Because it's the one true upgrade from my Nexus 5
    10-27-2015 10:41 AM
  4. nerv2010's Avatar
    With you there deadly. I'm hoping to win so it can replace my dying S3.
    10-27-2015 10:41 AM
  5. kdUbz's Avatar
    Because I switched to Android with the first LG Nexus 5 and haven't looked back at IOS since. Going to keep the pure trend with the 5X!
    10-27-2015 10:41 AM
  6. dime079's Avatar
    Fingerprint scanner FTW!
    10-27-2015 10:41 AM
  7. Abhishek Sinha4's Avatar
    Because I love to be updated by using such a massive featured phone.....
    Love LG,Google and Android Central....

    Posted via the Android Central App
    10-27-2015 10:42 AM
  8. kissdafloor's Avatar
    I would love to own this phone I think it be cool to own a phone that is pure Google and with the software updates your can't beat it (ok very hard to)

    Posted via the Android Central App
    10-27-2015 10:42 AM
  9. peek_12_21's Avatar
    This would be awesome I am still rocking the LG G2 and it is time for an upgrade pleas let me win
    10-27-2015 10:42 AM
  10. teamnowak's Avatar
    Because I would love to move my daughter from her iPhone to a Nexus.
    10-27-2015 10:42 AM
  11. AndroidFanMan's Avatar
    The finger print reader, hands down (pun intended!)!
    10-27-2015 10:42 AM
  12. xpeacemaker's Avatar
    As an OG Moto X 2013 user, I really would like to step up to a larger screen that I can still wield in one hand. Camera quality is also a high priority. I think this may also be a good opportunity to give Project Fi a try!! Hoping I get lucky!!
    10-27-2015 10:42 AM
  13. mbastian's Avatar
    I already ordered one for me and one for my wife, but my sister-in-law is still using a feature phone -- REALLY! This would be a perfect introduction to the smartphone world for her.
    10-27-2015 10:42 AM
  14. guevarragv's Avatar
    Why (in Haiku form):
    Wife needs a new phone.
    She's still on a Sprint contract.
    I'll pay EFT.
    10-27-2015 10:42 AM
  15. pagey's Avatar
    Love the camera, and finger print senser
    10-27-2015 10:42 AM
  16. djkleric's Avatar
    I want to win this phone because it has a great camera.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    10-27-2015 10:43 AM
  17. ets5290's Avatar
    I'm ready to replace my original Nexus 5. This seems like a logical replacement

    Posted via the Android Central App
    10-27-2015 10:43 AM
  18. wimvdon's Avatar
    Just dropped my OnePlus One and it has a huge scratch on the screen now, so I could definitely use that Nexus 5X. Also, the contest is closing on my birthday
    10-27-2015 10:43 AM
  19. aboveaverage12's Avatar
    Because I need an update to my Nexus 5
    10-27-2015 10:43 AM
  20. billgio's Avatar
    Been waiting for a new nexus phone in the small size.
    10-27-2015 10:43 AM
  21. Pre-dawn raid's Avatar
    Man I need an upgrade to my Nexus 4 so would LOVE to score a new one of these. Good luck!
    10-27-2015 10:44 AM
  22. Lepennenere's Avatar
    I need an android device that can be update outside of the carrier. The 5x fills that need nicely
    10-27-2015 10:44 AM
  23. wave43's Avatar
    Would love to win the phone because the fingerprint scanner is great!
    10-27-2015 10:44 AM
  24. gmurphy0487's Avatar
    I want the Nexus 5x because the og Nexus 5 was the best phone I've ever owned and this seems onto build on that awesomness.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    10-27-2015 10:44 AM
  25. tire_007's Avatar
    so i can ditch my lumia icon
    10-27-2015 10:44 AM
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