11-05-2015 06:48 PM
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  1. jaykresge's Avatar
    I want to win this phone so that I don't have to pay for it. Right now, I'm torn between the Nexus 5X and the Lumia 950. Winning this phone would settle that debate.
    10-27-2015 11:51 AM
  2. prcntg's Avatar
    Good camera, up to date hardware, finger print unlock, Nexus software, not HUGE. Enough said.
    10-27-2015 11:51 AM
  3. plee3ac's Avatar
    I would like to use the new fingerprint sensor!
    10-27-2015 11:51 AM
  4. Steven Mileham's Avatar
    New Nexus device supported for at least 3 years? I might actually get round to developing an app for it!
    10-27-2015 11:51 AM
  5. eDaddyo's Avatar
    I just want a new phone. My S3 is getting along in years, time to put it to pasture.
    10-27-2015 11:52 AM
  6. Richard Craney's Avatar
    I want to win a nexus 5x because I use many of the google apps for school and they help me increase productivity. With the nexus 5x, I can have a daily driver that can also be my education motivator. Computer Science major
    10-27-2015 11:52 AM
  7. troshs's Avatar
    My mom needs a new phone. She has straight talk and I think her phone just took a dump. It would be amazing if I could win this for her.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    10-27-2015 11:52 AM
  8. mslek's Avatar
    I was using a Nokia Lumia 930, but my screen broke. Now after 2 years I am planing to go back to Android, and what better device then the pure Android Nexus phone.
    10-27-2015 11:52 AM
  9. skylance's Avatar
    I'd love to upgrade my current Nexus with this phone! The better camera and addition of a fingerprint scanner really appeal to me.
    10-27-2015 11:52 AM
  10. jimj21's Avatar
    My wife needs a new phone after her Nexus 5 died last week and her old Nexus 4 is on life support
    10-27-2015 11:53 AM
  11. LiquidBreadMan's Avatar
    The screen on my son's Nexus 5 is smashed. Please send me a 5X to replace it!
    10-27-2015 11:54 AM
  12. Blaine Jefferson's Avatar
    I'm pretty sick of the horrible Moto X battery, and their update schedule leaves a lot to be desired. I'm ready to have a Nexus back in my hand.
    10-27-2015 11:55 AM
  13. David Acosta's Avatar
    Because for the price, this is a fantastic phone. Nexus and LG have really nailed the price point and specs on this to make it an comparable value. Also, its sexy
    10-27-2015 11:55 AM
  14. sixnell's Avatar
    i want a nexus 5x because i love pure android nexus line
    10-27-2015 11:56 AM
  15. ryancl25's Avatar
    The decent camera!
    10-27-2015 11:57 AM
  16. 1ZachM's Avatar
    To upgrade the fiancé

    Posted via the Android Central App
    10-27-2015 11:57 AM
  17. bgeoghan's Avatar
    It would be a great present for my son in college...
    10-27-2015 11:58 AM
  18. unrealmp3's Avatar
    My wife currently has a Nexus 4 but it is starting to show its age (especially the battery). She's eager to upgrade, but she doesn't want anything else than the pure Android experience.
    10-27-2015 11:58 AM
  19. TechRaider05's Avatar
    I would like an LG Nexus 5X because it is the perfect upgrade from my Moto X 2013 that won't cause me to buy cargo pants just to carry around my phone. Also because it would be a nice way to return to the Nexus line after having a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but without having to carry around extra batteries.
    10-27-2015 11:58 AM
  20. Brandon Whitney's Avatar
    I have had the last 3 Nexus and want to add this and the 6P to the collection

    Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
    10-27-2015 11:59 AM
  21. tadnishida's Avatar
    I need an Android phone that will do Marshmallow to replace my Nexus 4.
    10-27-2015 11:59 AM
  22. lee8912's Avatar
    I really want a new 5X. I'm sick of typing in PINs and the battery on my old clunker lasts about 4 hours.
    10-27-2015 11:59 AM
  23. Sonil Gandhi's Avatar
    I want , I want , I want N5X because it's super phone with fastest fingerprint nexus imprint sensor , Bright super amoled display,
    android sensor hub , solid battery and last but not the list fastest android updates.
    10-27-2015 12:00 PM
  24. Sidharth J's Avatar
    Security! Security! All we people concern now is that thing. And Nexus LG 5X coming u with the fingerprint sensor would really add some security to the usage. And thats why I hope to win the handset.
    10-27-2015 12:00 PM
  25. mentatgom's Avatar
    I need a 5x to save me from a life with a galaxy s 3!
    10-27-2015 12:00 PM
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