11-05-2015 06:48 PM
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  1. Gilles Marcotte's Avatar
    Would love to try out pure nexus Google as I've had nothing but touchwiz my whole phone owning life.
    10-27-2015 02:45 PM
  2. braulio sanders's Avatar
    I want this Nexus because i have a Samsung and i hate it. Jajaja i hope that answer be the winner.
    10-27-2015 02:45 PM
  3. JoeShmoe's Avatar
    I need to upgrade my Moto X 2013 and I can't afford anything at the moment
    10-27-2015 02:45 PM
  4. jhazey's Avatar
    I can't wait to return to the NEXUS experience. Marshmallow here I come!
    10-27-2015 02:46 PM
  5. aethear's Avatar
    It is time to retire my Droid Razr HD. A Nexus 5X would be a beautiful upgrade!
    10-27-2015 02:46 PM
  6. Discogrinch's Avatar
    I've wanted a nexus phone for so long!
    10-27-2015 02:46 PM
  7. arteaga323's Avatar
    Because I've been a Nexus fan ever since the HTC Nexus One and I love the Vanilla Android experience without all all the bloatware and carrier stuff preloaded. In my opinion they're the best phones in the Android market, without putting emphasis on how they receive updates directly from Google every time a new one is released! Nexus over everything!!! #NOE
    10-27-2015 02:47 PM
  8. Kevin Lopez5's Avatar
    I need this phone because my friend just got it and now I'm jealous!! Help!
    10-27-2015 02:48 PM
  9. Big Mack's Avatar
    I need a phone with a great screen but can also fit in my pocket, the X5 can do that!
    10-27-2015 02:48 PM
  10. brit schitt's Avatar
    I would like to win because free stuff rules!
    10-27-2015 02:48 PM
  11. ask1288's Avatar
    Beacause I loves me android and my current note 3 is dying a natural death
    10-27-2015 02:49 PM
  12. Tehrd's Avatar
    I want to get some O dat Project Fi
    10-27-2015 02:49 PM
  13. Josean Cains's Avatar
    My favorite feature of the Nexus 5X is the finger sensor on its back and the fact that it'll run marshmallow and I'm stuck in Kit Kat
    10-27-2015 02:49 PM
  14. Mohammed Faried Chothia's Avatar
    Can't buy a Nexus phone in South Africa. Would really love to use one. It is a really awesome phone. Really hope I can win one.
    10-27-2015 02:50 PM
  15. marmota's Avatar
    Love the new Nexus 5x
    10-27-2015 02:51 PM
  16. marioalpz's Avatar
    I want that phone because it has a great camera & battery.
    10-27-2015 02:52 PM
  17. maximumiron's Avatar
    I like the new features in custom roms, but tired of waiting for the carriers to approve the latest android out. Also like the ability to use with any carrier i choose, that is compatible.
    10-27-2015 02:53 PM
  18. trees247's Avatar
    I want one cause its new...Hi Jerry
    10-27-2015 02:53 PM
  19. jonerton's Avatar
    I am still rocking my Nexus S! I am long overdue! Please and thanks
    10-27-2015 02:53 PM
  20. Jacob_1982's Avatar
    This would be the perfect phone for my wifewife.
    10-27-2015 02:54 PM
  21. Gaston Pintos's Avatar
    I need an upgrade to my nexus 5!!!
    10-27-2015 02:54 PM
  22. Etios's Avatar
    Would love to get a Nexus 5X, nicely sized phone.
    10-27-2015 02:56 PM
  23. saurabh_25's Avatar
    My favorite feature of the 5X is its camera , its larger 1.55μm pixels captures more light, even in the dimmest conditions, to produce stunning details and sharp images.Plus the camera app is so fast we wont miss a single shot .
    A Massive upgrade to orignal N5.
    10-27-2015 02:56 PM
  24. PlanetPluto7's Avatar
    My wife needs one.
    10-27-2015 02:57 PM
  25. Choulas's Avatar
    I have the nexus 5 and this is the natural upgrade!
    10-27-2015 02:57 PM
3,674 ... 5051525354 ...

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