11-05-2015 06:48 PM
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  1. Tone71's Avatar
    My current Nexus 5 has died on me. The Nexus 5X would make an awesome replacement!
    Why do I need an awesomely beautiful new nexus 5x?, simply, my dinosaur of a phone lg optimus.
    10-27-2015 05:13 PM
  2. shumi's Avatar
    Would love to have the Nexus, because I am still using my MOTOROLA RAZR HD on 4.4.2

    thanks guys!
    Love androidcentral
    10-27-2015 05:13 PM
  3. Dimitrula's Avatar

    My birthday it´s coming soon - 31st of Oct nice date, right ? and I would love to be able to have this phone as a present. My current S3 is reaching his last days.

    Thank you !!
    10-27-2015 05:16 PM
  4. CrazyCyber's Avatar
    I think I should win this phone because I dropped my HTC m7 and now I'm stuck on an old Samsung Galaxy S3. Save me....
    10-27-2015 05:17 PM
  5. scrawford93's Avatar
    I moved to Android from iPhone earlier this year. Would love to show the wife the way it should be. And what better way than with an Android 6.0 phone.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    10-27-2015 05:20 PM
  6. Dimpr4s's Avatar
    Because Phone is everything to me! And it's a Nexus 5X, and I like to write about phone, and I never write about Nexus device, And I want to be a first lucky guy who have a Nexus 5X on Indonesia! And I really needed it much for write my review to my other friends on Indonesia.
    10-27-2015 05:21 PM
  7. sherwin892's Avatar
    I wants the Nexus 5X for the full marshmallow experience! I just want a Nexus.
    10-27-2015 05:21 PM
  8. abirjl's Avatar
    i want this phone because it has all things i want in a phone
    10-27-2015 05:22 PM
  9. Aperture76's Avatar
    I really want to win the nexus 5x because I love the unaltered android experience that the nexus line provides and I feel that the 5x is the perfect size
    10-27-2015 05:22 PM
  10. ilovepemmican's Avatar
    Great googily moogily! It's a nexus, why wouldn't I want it!?!
    10-27-2015 05:23 PM
  11. komrade's Avatar
    I would love to win this phone to replace my clunky old Moto G 2014!

    Posted via the Android Central App
    10-27-2015 05:23 PM
  12. djkmann's Avatar
    I've never had the stock Android experience and I need that in my life.
    10-27-2015 05:24 PM
  13. heclaboy82's Avatar
    I really like the 6p better but I would take the 5x if I won. I would like to try out these new nexus cameras
    10-27-2015 05:24 PM
  14. Fabrizio Il Famosello's Avatar
    Because Nexus 5X for me was love at the first time, his aspect is awesome!
    #givemeNexus5X #vincilo #dammelo
    10-27-2015 05:24 PM
  15. Valentino Urbina's Avatar
    I would love to win the new nexus because I love Android phones and even more love showing them off and showing friends how better they are than iPhone!
    10-27-2015 05:25 PM
  16. GLK357's Avatar
    I am still using the 2013 moto x it's a great phone but I need a new one. I converted to it from a nexus 4, and even though this is a great phone it is a little dated.. I also sorely miss my nexus experience..
    10-27-2015 05:26 PM
  17. Lolla May's Avatar
    My Galaxy S4 is on it's last legs and desperately needs to be replaced. I'm also desperate to escape TouchWiz.
    10-27-2015 05:28 PM
  18. bozhidar mihaylov's Avatar
    Cause my Nexus⁴ is close to "X"..
    10-27-2015 05:28 PM
  19. tim92109's Avatar
    Because it's the perfect size and has more features than the 6 I purchased a while ago.
    10-27-2015 05:29 PM
  20. Ruben Silin's Avatar
    I got my wife the original Nexus 5 and since she likes to take a lot of photos and likes the smaller form factor, I thought it would be great for her!
    10-27-2015 05:29 PM
  21. Koen Zuijlen's Avatar
    I love the fingerprint scanner and getting Android updates almost immediately. Also the 5X would come in handy for me because I am a starting Android developer.
    10-27-2015 05:30 PM
  22. Aaron Klob's Avatar
    I have a Nexus 5 2013 and want a new one!!
    10-27-2015 05:31 PM
  23. L Brown's Avatar
    I am so far behind in the times. I need to step it up with something super classy!
    10-27-2015 05:33 PM
  24. Zack Schmiesing's Avatar
    I want a Nexus 5X to use alongside my current smartphone, the LG G4. I'm a fan of the G4, but I always prefer Stock Android to any manufacturer skin. Plus, I gotta have dat Marshmallow. And maybe a smaller phone would be good, for a change.
    10-27-2015 05:33 PM
  25. silentprophecy's Avatar
    The Nexus 5X is an amazing affordable off contract phone. If I won I would do a full review on the phone and I would give it to my Dad who has been drooling over this phone for a whIle now..while using his his screen busted iphone4....yeah.
    10-27-2015 05:34 PM
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