11-05-2015 06:48 PM
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  1. Kieron Wallace's Avatar
    I would love a google nexus 5x because I have always loved and admired the way google handles and does everything they do to and with their technology, they simply make everybodies lives easier.
    10-27-2015 10:25 PM
  2. Michael Achterberg's Avatar
    I have never had an up to the minute smart phone. I've always had second rate. I want to win this smart phone so I know what it's like to have all the best technology at the minute it's released.
    10-27-2015 10:26 PM
  3. Ryepoh's Avatar
    The last phone i had was a Nexus 4 , and that phone was a great phone . The only reason im not using a nexus at the moment is because i cracked the screen till it was no longer usable. If it weren't for that , id stiill be using a nexus well beyond 3 years.
    10-27-2015 10:26 PM
  4. LakewoodTuk's Avatar
    Always wanted a Nexus device as a developer device. Creating apps and having a pure stock Google intended experience. Rooting other phones just isn't quite the same. Love to get my hands on a 5X to use, enjoy, and develop on
    10-27-2015 10:30 PM
  5. mz7590's Avatar
    I dont even know where to start....but my galaxy is so outdated that i love everything about this new Nexus...and it would be great to finally upgrade
    10-27-2015 10:32 PM
  6. tmotley3's Avatar
    I'd love to win the Nexus 5X because it is much better than my current phone (a Galaxy Avant) in all ways: better camera and screen, twice the RAM, faster processor, newer OS, fingerprint sensor, etc. Plus, it would be nice not to have any bloatware and to be among the first to get OS updates in the future. Finally, it would be nice to win one next I can't afford one on my own.
    10-27-2015 10:34 PM
  7. Alex Shaver's Avatar
    I will not lie. I want this phone because I do not have one or the money to buy one. Winning this will help me greatly.
    10-27-2015 10:34 PM
  8. praytorain's Avatar
    Talk about a perfect addition to our homes android product line. 5x is beautiful, feature full, and Marshmallow
    10-27-2015 10:35 PM
  9. Kavindu Wijesuriya's Avatar
    I need this phone so badly. I still couldn't get my hands on one cuz I can afford one.
    10-27-2015 10:35 PM
  10. suguson's Avatar
    I want this phone because it is FREE!!! And i am in Argentina, so the only way to get this phone is going USA or some country where this phone were going to be available, and plus is a good auto present for me. This is the BTTF year, so if this is going to remembered for something, that it were with a lot of rejoice= Nexus 5X.
    10-27-2015 10:35 PM
  11. androidokay's Avatar
    My current aged LG Nexus 4 is still working beautifully after 3 years. Let's see how this new Nexus 5X can beat that & keep me delighted daily thereafter
    10-27-2015 10:36 PM
  12. richar524's Avatar
    I want it simply for the Android updates
    10-27-2015 10:38 PM
  13. Rubeni Alimasi's Avatar
    I want the Nexus 5x because I think is a great a phone that can do more than people think. I love and always did love stock Android. But I've never had one as a daily driver. I'd love to have one.
    10-27-2015 10:43 PM
  14. Ayush gupta7's Avatar
    I wanted the new update of the phone and is likely to have fun
    wit the new android and I was waiting for the new version of Nexus 5
    as its new functioning will be trending for new gen
    10-27-2015 10:43 PM
  15. rval100's Avatar
    Part of me wants a 6P since I am seriously considering upgrading from Moto X 2013 to Moto X Pure edition but who can say no to a free 5X!!!
    10-27-2015 10:43 PM
  16. kjyc's Avatar
    I want to stay with Android!
    10-27-2015 10:44 PM
  17. Adfar76's Avatar
    This would be a great introduction to stock Android and be an awesome new phone
    10-27-2015 10:44 PM
  18. kcsanjaya9's Avatar
    Nexus devices are always the best
    10-27-2015 10:46 PM
  19. shofiqulanwar's Avatar
    as a nexus freak
    10-27-2015 10:47 PM
  20. namalsemage's Avatar
    Yaaa, I also never use Nexus. And also Pure Android. Like to win my first Nexus.
    10-27-2015 10:49 PM
  21. androidokay's Avatar
    Owning & still using a LG Nexus 4 excites me daily. Let's see the new Nexus 5X is that magical
    10-27-2015 10:49 PM
  22. Keith Kageff's Avatar
    Really like the N5, but can't use it with Project Fi... The N5X will work with Fi and the new fingerprint reader is very cool!

    Posted via the Android Central App
    10-27-2015 10:50 PM
  23. Mihir Surti's Avatar
    Phone looks good.. Handy.. and the concept of place fingerprint sensor is looks awasome..
    Another reason for wishing to win this phone this every android development comes first to this and who don't want to use new features before other fellows can do.. cheers to Nexus...
    10-27-2015 10:50 PM
  24. Michael Tung's Avatar
    Because I still own an iPhone 4s. And the 5X is the perfect upgrade for me!
    10-27-2015 10:51 PM
  25. joefixit's Avatar
    I like the Nexus 5X because you can forget about bloatware.
    10-27-2015 10:51 PM
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