11-05-2015 06:48 PM
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  1. mingtak cheung's Avatar
    I have a nexus 4 that could die any time . I would like to have the nexus 5x so I don't need to purchase another phone
    10-28-2015 02:12 PM
  2. curley1441's Avatar
    My original moto x is getting horrible after the update . I really need a new Nexus 5X.
    10-28-2015 02:14 PM
  3. bigguh's Avatar
    I think the Nexus 5X would be a great change of pace for my wife who is still rockin' with the Samsung Galaxy S5. Time for a change.
    10-28-2015 02:14 PM
  4. socarwolverine's Avatar
    I want, NEED, to finally get a phone that'll see OS and especially security updates for longer than a month!
    10-28-2015 02:14 PM
  5. Violent_Turtles's Avatar
    Because it offers the stock android experience I have been looking for, while also providing a fantastic camera and great specs
    10-28-2015 02:15 PM
  6. Philip Russ's Avatar
    So my N5 can have a not-so-little brother
    10-28-2015 02:19 PM
  7. reg0303's Avatar
    Ready to hop on the NEXUS train!
    10-28-2015 02:20 PM
  8. JayGoat's Avatar
    I'd like to win a 5X so I can sell it and get a 6P!
    10-28-2015 02:20 PM
  9. slave's Avatar
    Android Central: Slave
    Twitter: S3lfd3struct3d
    Instagram: Slave1974

    Followed, retweeted, shared, replied! I want this phone!!!!
    10-28-2015 02:21 PM
  10. Jeffry Wooldridge's Avatar
    I really want a Nexus 5X

    I currently have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and I am tired of waiting for all the great updates from Google

    I love my Android device but Samsung has left me discouraged as they take forever to update their devices

    Please I really want a Nexus device but I spent all my money on a Note 4
    10-28-2015 02:21 PM
  11. robayala's Avatar
    I want the Nexus 5X because it is the best and greatest phone today....
    10-28-2015 02:24 PM
  12. gbarton61's Avatar
    Because I NEEEEEEEDDDDDD it!!!!!
    10-28-2015 02:28 PM
  13. Andro14lov's Avatar
    I want this phone because it is a great phone and I would like to try Android 6.0 and good camera.
    10-28-2015 02:30 PM
  14. freakyhair's Avatar
    I need a new phone that gets updated regularly!
    10-28-2015 02:32 PM
  15. ShaynePierce's Avatar
    I'd love a Nexus 5X. Thanks for the contest!
    10-28-2015 02:33 PM
  16. khfortin's Avatar
    Because I have a Nexus 4 that I love but it's slowly dying and I need an upgrade!
    10-28-2015 02:34 PM
  17. Pere Ginebra's Avatar
    I want the nexus 5X, well because I want to get rid of my galaxy ace 2 NOW, because I'm tired of running android 2.3.6 gb on a old laggy samsung that has had 2 previous owners, because I want to try the nexus' pure android 6.0 feel, because the nexus 5X looks like an outstanding phone, because any phone, ANY PHONE is better than my actual ace 2 ( well maybe not any phone) and because if I can't stand living with so much lag in my pocket, I cant even enter whatsapp without it force closing 2 or 3 times before it works...
    And becaus I am a great android fan, and I can't go arround saying android is the best smartphone OS because people will laugh at me and my "smart" phone...
    thank you for reading this (if you actually do) and please pick me if you want to help a fellow android fan.
    Good luck to everyone, and #DropTheBass XD lol XD... peace.
    10-28-2015 02:40 PM
  18. jack waters's Avatar
    Because I'm a senior disabled vet who will never get one otherwise! Trying to keep up with the rest of the world !
    10-28-2015 02:40 PM
  19. berklon's Avatar
    Want it because of the better camera and the fingerprint scanner (and it's a nice upgrade from my Nexus 5).
    10-28-2015 02:43 PM
  20. Prn Thaman's Avatar
    A debut Marshmallow android with defined features like finger print sensors etc.,

    Posted via the Android Central App
    10-28-2015 02:45 PM
  21. jebber127's Avatar
    I grew up in a poor neighborhood south of Dallas. I was an only child because after me, my mom couldn't afford any more children. Where I lived, when our subsidized apartment was broken into, people didn't steal our TV or radio, they stole food from the pantry.

    I used to play in the garbage dumpsters, chasing rats and throwing rocks at them...I thought, maybe, with that experience, I'd grow up to be a great baseball pitcher; I didn't.

    Eventually, I joined local gangs so that I'd have something to do in the afternoons after school. It was great, I thought, maybe that I'd grow up to be a popular social planner. That was, untill the police caught me and put me in lockup for 24 hours.

    Then, I turned five years old.

    This was the days of desegregation, so, I was bused 40 minutes, to a 'rich' school. To pass the time on the bus, three of us decided to sing popular songs of the time like those by the Commodores, Diana Ross, etc. Each song was only a quarter. It went well for a few weeks. I thought, maybe, that I'd get rich in a band....I didn't.

    As you can see, things weren't working out for me. Later, I happened to work at an Egghead (when they had brick and mortar stores), and caught the tech bug. Fortunately selling software and hardware saved me from years in jail, or worse. I've discovered that as long as I keep feeding my addiction to new technology, I've am able to stay on the right side of the law. I'm afraid that if I don't get a Nexus 5X, I might find myself on the wrong side.

    Help me stay out of jail, PLEASE give me the Nexus 5X.

    (actually, I'm trying to tempt my wife away from the Apple dark side with the 5x)

    10-28-2015 02:45 PM
  22. Shi Qiu's Avatar
    Gotta replace my Nexus 5, battery is so busted.
    10-28-2015 02:52 PM
  23. aslowe's Avatar
    I need a new phone.
    10-28-2015 02:55 PM
  24. lisedbrown's Avatar
    Just got my first smartphone a motorola moto g. Would love to upgrade to a Nexus!
    10-28-2015 02:57 PM
  25. jjhenkelman's Avatar
    I would love a new 5X to replace my aging Galaxy S4. It's getting laggier and laggier.
    10-28-2015 02:59 PM
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