11-26-2015 03:28 PM
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  1. gr3ac's Avatar
    I'd like to win the Nexus 6p becouse of the fingerprint scanner, the slowmotion camera, clean Android Marshmellow(my current Samsung Ace doesn't have it of course), the front speakers and the beautiful look...that's why I would like to get one
    11-15-2015 06:46 AM
  2. blacks4sale's Avatar
    I really need one of these. Ready to be rid of my S6 Edge
    11-15-2015 06:53 AM
  3. mahootzki's Avatar
    Would love to try pure Android!
    11-15-2015 06:54 AM
  4. James Fraser3's Avatar
    Because the last thing I have ever won was a nursery rhyme competition 37 years ago :-/
    Also, unblemished pure android on a gorgeous device is my carrot
    11-15-2015 07:21 AM
  5. Ramakrishna048's Avatar
    I would love to have nexus 6p for its nexus imprint, usb type c and camera
    11-15-2015 07:41 AM
  6. pajjap's Avatar
    I want this so badly 'cause my GS4 is broken.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    11-15-2015 07:48 AM
  7. tsims10s's Avatar
    My home needs a Nexus 6P.
    11-15-2015 08:02 AM
  8. Evaeth's Avatar
    I would love a Nexus 6P to replace my Nokia 635!
    11-15-2015 08:05 AM
  9. Tomer M's Avatar
    I would like to give "Huawei" chance
    11-15-2015 08:10 AM
  10. jusmeo's Avatar
    recently my HTC one m7 stopped working and i was thinking of getting a nexus
    11-15-2015 08:13 AM
  11. Leo Ciobanu's Avatar
    I love Nexus smartphones!
    11-15-2015 08:28 AM
  12. kingjamesg's Avatar
    I want to win a Nexus 6p because its sexy, is stock Android, has a great camera, has a fast finger print scanner, and has front facing speakers. Hook me up Android Central! Please?!
    11-15-2015 08:35 AM
  13. don2500gps's Avatar
    Because technology is growing and growing and we could not be with the oldest phone ever! I wish that phone!
    11-15-2015 08:41 AM
  14. cjlosh's Avatar
    Man, I could use an upgrade.
    11-15-2015 08:45 AM
  15. hoffy's Avatar
    Because I'm still on my OG Moto X. If I'm gonna move to a bigger phone may as well make it really big!
    11-15-2015 09:07 AM
  16. Banalac's Avatar
    I really like to change my old Sony Xperia SP.
    11-15-2015 09:17 AM
  17. AreebDurani's Avatar
    Sir I want your Phone because I've Financial issue. I've tried 4 times in your contest but I lost the contest. But this time I'm hopeful that u guys will help me.
    11-15-2015 09:33 AM
  18. anon(9466298)'s Avatar
    My Reasons:
    • Getting a 6P for free definitely beats having to pay $499+ for it.
    • Awesome feature set. (Imprint, 240 FPS Movies, etc)
    • Haven't won any contest in my life
    11-15-2015 09:42 AM
  19. Usama Tanveer's Avatar
    Powerful battery, Android Marshmallow, Type C cable and many more features i would love to try.
    11-15-2015 09:51 AM
  20. Smaxy195's Avatar
    I'm a big fan of android phones and android in general. But I never had a chance to win one, and this phone is worth of a try And I never heard that any Croatian had ever won a phone from any android site so it would be nice if I would be first hehe And also, about that 6P i would like to see how did Huaweii handled manafacturing a nexus phone and is it that good like everybody says :P
    11-15-2015 09:59 AM
  21. Croxy's Avatar
    Pure marshmallow. Would be a nice update for my Galaxy Nexus
    11-15-2015 10:25 AM
  22. thymeless's Avatar
    My wife needs a new phone and a 6pp would be ideal. She's all in on the nexus concept.
    11-15-2015 10:37 AM
  23. banzaiwolfe's Avatar
    I want one just because I've had my current phone for over a year and I'm getting upgrade fever.
    11-15-2015 10:43 AM
  24. Deepfriedeggplant's Avatar
    i would love the nexus 6p because i have not had a new phone. All phones that i ever got where hand downs from my family. Getting this would be a new start
    11-15-2015 10:52 AM
  25. David Toussaint's Avatar
    My Verizon Moto X 2013 has been discharging rapidly.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    11-15-2015 10:56 AM
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