11-26-2015 03:28 PM
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  1. AbelAlmighty's Avatar
    I'd love a Nexus 6P because I have an old HTC One M7 with a cracked screen which has been crippled by a buggy Android 5.0 update. HTC stopped supporting the M7, so I wont be getting the Android updates that correct Lollipop's issues. I could really use a new phone.
    11-11-2015 01:20 AM
  2. twinsfan1313's Avatar
    I want to give a Nexus phone a try!!
    11-11-2015 01:21 AM
  3. suave85's Avatar
    I would like to win this phone so that I could give it to my girlfriend as a gift.
    11-11-2015 01:21 AM
  4. arvj's Avatar
    Looking forward the pure android

    Posted via Android Central App
    11-11-2015 01:22 AM
  5. Sidharth Mishra's Avatar
    i want a 6P cause it is simply awesome. love the camera quality and the fingerprint scanner.
    11-11-2015 01:22 AM
  6. enrico_rusli's Avatar
    Marshmallow, the new nexus camera, and also I want to try to use a big phone

    Posted via the Android Central App
    11-11-2015 01:23 AM
  7. Edgar Lara's Avatar
    Because #nexusforlife!! And because it's not available from T-Mobile yet..

    Posted via the Android Central App
    11-11-2015 01:24 AM
  8. LB LB's Avatar
    I'd like it because of its open-ness, and support for long time.
    11-11-2015 01:25 AM
  9. anon(7911184)'s Avatar
    i Really wanted to win my life's first android phone : Nexus 6p ( dammm 2k display to enjoy reading, browsing on the go in sunlight ) and 8 mp front - connect me to my family via Skype with great quality and to keep my phone secure with awesome fast fingerprint

    Hope best !!! Wish you a very happy diwali - Marshmallow ( Android Central <3 )

    My Lumia 1520 broked - really wanted to win.
    11-11-2015 01:26 AM
  10. Anto Antony's Avatar
    Type c usb(*i dont have to turn on my light at midnight to plug charger to mobile) port and its nexus()... these two feature most i liked it. also i dont have to worry about new upcoming updates for at least next 2-3 years..
    11-11-2015 01:26 AM
  11. Tom McVey's Avatar
    I'm looking for a pure Android experience
    11-11-2015 01:26 AM
  12. illini422's Avatar
    I look forward to my next phone having a fingerprint sensor, but would want the 6P most for the timely software updates. AT&T and LG arent getting it done with my G3 - it's still running 5.0.1.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    11-11-2015 01:26 AM
  13. jhasty's Avatar
    Like the metal body, finger print scanner, and of course, Project Fi.
    11-11-2015 01:26 AM
  14. waydavis's Avatar
    I cannot afford it, and the carriers don't help you with their monthly plans. I deserve to get this one.
    11-11-2015 01:27 AM
  15. Joecx3's Avatar
    I have been a Nexus user since the Hero. I am currently using Nexus 6 and would like to get my hands on the latest Nexus product.
    11-11-2015 01:29 AM
  16. MarioLNDN's Avatar
    The pure Google's Android experience and speedy OS updates
    11-11-2015 01:30 AM
  17. grrrr_unt's Avatar
    My contract's expired, and I really want the latest Android updates -- hence a Nexus is perfect!

    Posted via the Android Central App
    11-11-2015 01:32 AM
  18. Kyle Glover's Avatar
    Doze and imprint!

    Posted via the Android Central App
    11-11-2015 01:33 AM
  19. cy_berry's Avatar
    Nexus 6P is a stalish phone with great spects. My blackberry device is a good phone but the lack of apps fosces me to move to android OS. Nexus 6P is a great choise.
    11-11-2015 01:33 AM
  20. nimbuscrenel's Avatar
    Went from my beloved N5 to the V10, which I like, but I sure miss pure android.
    11-11-2015 01:35 AM
  21. eatbitter's Avatar
    Seems like the best Android phone at the moment.
    11-11-2015 01:36 AM
  22. mutigbeere's Avatar
    Upgrade for a Nexus 5...bigger screen and having better permissions control now...not whenever other people feel like it.
    11-11-2015 01:39 AM
  23. angriest's Avatar
    Android Marshmallow
    11-11-2015 01:41 AM
  24. geek4ever's Avatar
    Because its a nexus!
    11-11-2015 01:41 AM
  25. Alfredo93's Avatar
    I want it and i like it because of the camera quality an look, the metal body, Android marshmellow, nexus imprint, the screen and the great qualcomm processor it has.
    11-11-2015 01:41 AM
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