01-05-2016 12:45 AM
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  1. soladiel's Avatar
    Sweet action! Would love to have a 6P!
    12-15-2015 04:59 PM
  2. 4given_p8ntblr's Avatar
    Looking for a bigger phone, and want to go back to the Nexus, since parting with my Galaxy Nexus. 6p Please!
    12-15-2015 05:02 PM
  3. traveye's Avatar
    6P for dat camera
    12-15-2015 05:02 PM
  4. kofighterx's Avatar
    6P for sure! Because i just love/prefer metal phones!
    12-15-2015 05:02 PM
  5. maconu's Avatar
    5x please..... this iPhone6s is nice..... but it isn't android
    12-15-2015 05:03 PM
  6. kamark's Avatar
    Let me win the nexus 6p first. After using it I will let you know why i wanted it.
    12-15-2015 05:05 PM
  7. bernipro's Avatar
    Nexus 5X because i prefer smaller phones
    12-15-2015 05:05 PM
  8. mart567's Avatar
    It has all of the features that I want. Android 6.0, screen size, decent camera, fingerprint scanner, etc.
    12-15-2015 05:08 PM
  9. YoungSheeps's Avatar
    Would be really grateful for a 6P! Because I don't even have a phone and am looking for one atm D:
    12-15-2015 05:16 PM
  10. abhipatti's Avatar
    Nexus 6p because it has a big screen
    12-15-2015 05:19 PM
  11. md308's Avatar
    Love my 6, so would love a 6p as well!
    12-15-2015 05:30 PM
  12. mahalojunk's Avatar
    I could use a 5x because I'm using a crappy phone right now.
    12-15-2015 05:32 PM
  13. ainfinity's Avatar
    I could use a great android phone
    12-15-2015 05:45 PM
  14. JaimemarieG's Avatar
    Would love to try the Nexus 6p, looks like a great phone!
    12-15-2015 05:47 PM
  15. quantumeagle's Avatar
    Nexus 6P, beautiful device
    12-15-2015 05:48 PM
  16. Zippygit's Avatar
    My Wife would love a N6p
    12-15-2015 05:48 PM
  17. devores's Avatar
    6P because the specs are amazing and I'm excited to play with it!
    12-15-2015 05:49 PM
  18. RAltro's Avatar
    I would choose Nexus 6P. I love the size and look of the phone. I wouldnt want anything other than a Nexus. Best phones I have used.
    12-15-2015 05:50 PM
  19. ecchigo's Avatar
    6P because it simply has better specs.
    12-15-2015 05:52 PM
  20. tuvokof9's Avatar
    Nexus 6P FTW
    12-15-2015 05:54 PM
  21. Drewsefer's Avatar
    6P because the Android Central review says it's better!
    12-15-2015 06:05 PM
  22. jayhay312's Avatar
    6P, go big or go home.
    12-15-2015 06:13 PM
  23. cazafka's Avatar
    Nexus 6P for the metal and display
    12-15-2015 06:16 PM
  24. PIYIRIO's Avatar
    6P since the camera is getting really good reviews.
    12-15-2015 06:18 PM
  25. luckbuckets's Avatar
    I would love the Nexus 6P. i have always enjoyed the nexus line, the camera being a huge improvement and the option of high framerate slo-mo would be great. (went to film school and wanna get my Snyder on). The build quality sounds amazing. Just moved out to California from Michigan and a great device to capture my new life out here with my beautiful girlfriend.
    12-15-2015 06:20 PM
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