01-05-2016 12:45 AM
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  1. justflorin's Avatar
    I want/need the nexus 6p because my iPhone 5s is no longer charging...and I want to go back to Android.
    12-15-2015 07:51 PM
  2. liezette's Avatar
    A Nexus 6P for the good camera and great performance to maximize a nexus!
    12-15-2015 07:58 PM
  3. BuJ_14's Avatar
    I would go 6P. Would love the size and the metallic body!
    12-15-2015 07:58 PM
  4. agregao's Avatar
    Nexus 6p christmas wish!
    12-15-2015 07:58 PM
  5. xtremez's Avatar
    I would pick the Nexus 6P.

    1. Best Stock Android experience available in the market
    2. Quick camera for point & shoot
    3. Beautiful Amoled display
    12-15-2015 08:03 PM
  6. ShinyTop's Avatar
    Nexus 6P so I can have the phone my son bought!
    12-15-2015 08:08 PM
  7. maccboy2010's Avatar
    I'd definitely choose the 6p but I really like the 5x size I just wish it was Nexus 5 size. I absolutely love my Nexus 5 now it's got marshmallow 6.0.1 I bet this update is awesome on the new Nexuses.
    12-15-2015 08:13 PM
  8. corrupttand's Avatar
    6P, just due to hardware and battery
    12-15-2015 08:17 PM
  9. Aashish106's Avatar
    Well I want Nexus 6P because of its high performance with hardware and software plus its cool design along with that black line in camera section.looking forward for winning
    12-15-2015 08:18 PM
  10. Coopdaddy's Avatar
    I would have to choose the 6P. It is undeniably one of the best, if not the best Android phone on the market. It is the first Nexus phone that actually accomplishes the goal of showing manufactures a great example of a perfect Android phone.
    12-15-2015 08:19 PM
  11. bcbbanga4l's Avatar
    Nexus 6P. I always wanted a nexus phone never could get my hands on one. This one is perfect also because trying to move to a bigger screen phone.
    12-15-2015 08:20 PM
  12. AdrianBravoM's Avatar
    I'd choose the 6P because i only use nexus phones and i love this phone, and i sold my n5 because i needed the money.
    12-15-2015 08:22 PM
  13. phattysalz's Avatar
    Nexus 5X because I like the smaller size and prefer LG phones.
    12-15-2015 08:27 PM
  14. wsmather's Avatar
    Nexus 6P. It may be a phablet, but what a phablet!
    12-15-2015 08:28 PM
  15. JaySeeDoubleYou's Avatar
    The 6p, no doubt! The biggest reason is the bigger screen! 5.5" is kinda my self-imposed minimum screen size, with 6" being the ideal, and 5.7" being a satisfactory compromise.

    But that's far from being the only reason. The processor, the build quality/materials, the quality of the speakers - and heck, the screen quality itself. Plus, just the prestige of having the biggest and the best.

    I was planning on buying one with this coming tax return, but if I can win one instead then that frees up a lot of money for other "world conquesty" things like an nVidia shield and/or a Nexus Player and/or an Apple TV. The possibilities are abundant! :-)

    12-15-2015 08:31 PM
  16. TechiOne's Avatar
    6p - love the size of it.
    12-15-2015 08:36 PM
  17. thanthalin's Avatar
    Nexus 6P - Best android phone ever!
    12-15-2015 08:40 PM
  18. rhino3081's Avatar
    Santa Lloyd, I would like a Nexus for Christmas!
    12-15-2015 08:42 PM
  19. TheDave's Avatar
    6P for Nexus Imprint and the Nexus experience, software-wise
    12-15-2015 08:44 PM
  20. 08BlackWRX's Avatar
    I want my Nexus 6p! Want stock Android back and get rid of my G4. 6p looks like its great! Especially in white!
    12-15-2015 08:49 PM
  21. ncapp11's Avatar
    6P for the overall quality
    12-15-2015 08:50 PM
  22. fizymike's Avatar
    commenting for an entry
    12-15-2015 08:50 PM
  23. Scratch4's Avatar
    5x! Hits the sweet spot on size
    12-15-2015 08:54 PM
  24. Marmap's Avatar
    I'd go with the 6p. I'm curious about the burst shot mode !
    12-15-2015 09:03 PM
  25. Yell0w's Avatar
    I'd go with the 6P purely because of the screen size.
    12-15-2015 09:06 PM
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