01-05-2016 12:45 AM
3,365 ... 7778798081 ...
  1. Twyn20's Avatar
    12-17-2015 11:44 PM
  2. Equinsu ocha's Avatar
    6P because my Wife deserves a nice phone.
    12-17-2015 11:47 PM
  3. Fedway's Avatar
    I would need the Nexus 6P, if for no other reason, because I am over 40 and the bigger the screen the better!
    12-17-2015 11:52 PM
  4. Gautam Lakum's Avatar
    The Nexus 6P. It gives a great premium feeling. Thanks Huawei.
    12-18-2015 12:09 AM
  5. Droidtology's Avatar
    I would choose the 6P because i need help and i like tako. Also, i've just released my first solo album and need to take selfies. That said, nothing could possibly reconcile the...lost thought. sorry.
    12-18-2015 12:10 AM
  6. fortherest17's Avatar
    Imagine a Aluminum Nexus 6P..in a 4K video ...... I have tears in my eyes..
    Nexus 6P would be my choice. A solid build, better screen, better performance and a much improved camera(even though it is same in 5X).
    12-18-2015 12:14 AM
  7. mittalmailbox's Avatar
    Nexus 6P because of its screen
    12-18-2015 12:15 AM
  8. justOSA's Avatar
    Nexus 6p all the way, that screen size.mmmmmm
    12-18-2015 12:26 AM
  9. afnaniman's Avatar
    I see people giving reasons on why they want the phone, and I'm just here typing this to get an entry~
    12-18-2015 12:27 AM
  10. geedoh's Avatar
    6P...because bigger is better.
    12-18-2015 01:22 AM
  11. nick0810's Avatar
    Awesome contest!
    12-18-2015 01:23 AM
  12. taylovesoreo's Avatar
    The Nexus 6P would be cool
    12-18-2015 02:04 AM
  13. adityadixit's Avatar
    I would like to have the nexus 6P because of the seamless integration with google services and the fact that it has stock android.
    12-18-2015 02:23 AM
  14. harshit_sha's Avatar
    Nexus 5X for me
    12-18-2015 03:06 AM
  15. Dean Ayalon's Avatar
    Even though I promised myself to get a phone with a microSD slot, getting the 6P would be great!
    12-18-2015 03:08 AM
  16. costas68's Avatar
    nexus 6p large screen,stock, good camera
    12-18-2015 03:09 AM
  17. Basont's Avatar
    6P for my Mother would be nice!
    12-18-2015 03:11 AM
  18. symbotier's Avatar
    Just got a Nexus 5 but would happily upgrade to a 5X.
    12-18-2015 03:15 AM
  19. TayF's Avatar
    6P! Because if Jerry likes it, I know I will.
    12-18-2015 03:58 AM
  20. redherc's Avatar
    Nexus 6P for me would like an upgrade from my current Nexus 5 , Thank sand Merry Xmas all
    12-18-2015 04:15 AM
  21. Prashanth K P's Avatar
    Nexus 6P because its the phone of 2015 with no competitors for it.
    12-18-2015 04:20 AM
  22. redherc's Avatar
    Would like the Nexus 6P , nice and big and great camera with more power!
    12-18-2015 04:23 AM
  23. scaramanga89's Avatar
    I want a 6P to take photos of Santa in low light.
    12-18-2015 04:43 AM
  24. haofeng12's Avatar
    Nexus 6p cos it is too awesome
    12-18-2015 04:49 AM
  25. Rodin98's Avatar
    Nexus 5X i think the 6P is very big
    12-18-2015 04:53 AM
3,365 ... 7778798081 ...

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