01-05-2016 12:45 AM
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  1. haahaaa's Avatar
    Really want a Nexus 6P.
    12-19-2015 09:14 AM
  2. Blammo79's Avatar
    I have been a long time Android Lover. Being on Verizon has meant that I have never had a true Nexus Experience until the 6, for which I was in the middle of a contract and couldn't afford to get it. Having a 6p would be amazing to have a true nexus device that could keep me on the cutting edge of software developments.
    12-19-2015 09:19 AM
  3. Rozana Arbizu's Avatar
    I really would love a 6p
    12-19-2015 09:40 AM
  4. Qboss86's Avatar
    I would choose Nexus 6P because is much better than 5X (especially battery and built-in storage but also resolution, pixel density, front camera, memory).
    12-19-2015 09:40 AM
  5. Derek_B's Avatar
    I'd love to have a 6P to give to someone else for the holidays. I have one already and I can't imagine a better device to introduce someone to the awesomeness of Android with.
    12-19-2015 09:48 AM
  6. pin2high's Avatar
    Nexus 6P......the old OnePlus One ...after 3 screen replacements is seeing the sun set. Yes, that's right ... a yellow ring permanently on the screen !!
    12-19-2015 09:58 AM
  7. fz553's Avatar
    The 6P. Wanted the 5X because of the smaller size, but after seeing it in person not as much. Want the device dur every update there is on the 6P from the camera to the fingerprint sensor to running the latest and greatest update.
    12-19-2015 10:00 AM
  8. Deansn's Avatar
    6P due to that gorgeous, big screen!!!
    12-19-2015 10:14 AM
  9. Suprtrukr425's Avatar
    Please pick me for a Nexus 6P! It is the best phone on the market right now.
    12-19-2015 10:15 AM
  10. takpro's Avatar
    Can I get both?
    12-19-2015 10:45 AM
  11. ahawgfan's Avatar
    The Nexus 6P is a great phone. It would bring some much holiday cheer!
    12-19-2015 10:51 AM
  12. silude's Avatar
    6P Larger screen size.
    12-19-2015 10:56 AM
  13. hopesrequiem's Avatar
    Th 6p because I don't have enough money to buy one this year as I am a struggling Rutgers student. I am paying my own way through school since my father passed away a couple years ago. I support myself completely and would love to run this beauty of a phone.
    12-19-2015 11:00 AM
  14. mcshovel's Avatar
    I'd love the 6P!!!!
    12-19-2015 11:04 AM
  15. Luci713's Avatar
    Nexus 5X please Nexus 6 is nice but too big for my supersmall hands. I have an old Samsung on straight talk which I rooted but is still slow/laggy/dying:/
    12-19-2015 11:06 AM
  16. snowboarders's Avatar
    i would love the nexus 5X please
    12-19-2015 11:39 AM
  17. logicalform's Avatar
    6P would be nice to replace my broken N6.
    12-19-2015 11:58 AM
  18. Usama Tanveer's Avatar
    I like Nexus 6P more than 5X because of its design and specs.
    12-19-2015 12:07 PM
  19. Deril Adha's Avatar
    I Wish that i win the Nexus 6P.

    because i'm a phablet lovers, and i need a bigger screen because my little sister would be happy if she can watch cartoons from a bigger screen since i'm only using Asus Zenfone 5. And because the battery's capacity is bigger than my phone, it'll really help me alot. I really hope that i can win the contest and see the Nexus 6P on the very front of my eyes.
    12-19-2015 12:36 PM
  20. Retiredfinally's Avatar
    The Nexus is probably the best phone on the market today, bar none. I have a Note 4 which I have had to send back as the camera would not focus and I am totally disgusted with Samsung and it's obsession with copying Apple. You also can not beat the idea of always having the latest OS on your device rather than a year or more to get to it from the manufacture then the carrier and full of bloat and add ons.
    12-19-2015 01:09 PM
  21. MetalMike901's Avatar
    I'd choose the 5X, because I think 5.2" is the sweet spot in phone size, and because LG makes a great smartphone, and all the better with Marshmallow sweetness!
    12-19-2015 01:12 PM
  22. nannansdilemma's Avatar
    a nexus 6p would be wonderful to have a phone thats bloat wear free and so i can finally switch to project Fi
    12-19-2015 01:13 PM
  23. eahinrichsen's Avatar
    Definitely the 6P.
    12-19-2015 01:20 PM
  24. SteveJF's Avatar
    Or perhaps the 6P as a replacement for my aging Samsung Exhibit.......
    12-19-2015 01:31 PM
  25. Bhuel Buss's Avatar
    6P! Love the size and features of this phone.
    12-19-2015 01:32 PM
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