02-21-2016 01:27 PM
2,335 ... 6566676869 ...
  1. Copernicus Metrostar's Avatar
    Please please please!
    02-12-2016 01:37 AM
  2. faheemahmad's Avatar
    cant wait to win!! this
    02-12-2016 01:46 AM
  3. DC_Husker's Avatar
    My sons S3 could use a upgrade.
    02-12-2016 02:10 AM
  4. Keith Lim1's Avatar
    I need to replace my Nokia phone. I want it THAT bad.
    02-12-2016 03:54 AM
  5. HopTzop's Avatar
    Thank you for this giveaway!
    02-12-2016 04:05 AM
  6. jester89's Avatar
    I'd call captain kirk and picard because my life is awesome and I do awesome things so me paired with a s7 edge makes Samsung awesome
    02-12-2016 05:19 AM
  7. Lacker20's Avatar
    Need a new phone to complement/replace my app-less passport. S7 or S7+?
    02-12-2016 07:02 AM
  8. wkj's Avatar
    My Note 4 is getting long in the tooth. A nice blue S 7 would be nice.
    02-12-2016 08:27 AM
  9. Mohamed N Elidrissi Elouafi's Avatar
    Well, I'd like to get my hand on the Galaxy S7 "The Next Big Thing" Because I am UI/UX Designer, and it would be super helpful to get it! Plus I am an aspiring mobile photographer, I invite everyone to follow me on Instagram: Wfa31

    And most Importantly I'd like to change, It's been a while since I haven't used a Android device and I think it's time to change, so I would be glad to get the Galaxy S7. Thank you and best of luck to everyone
    02-12-2016 08:32 AM
  10. con4n007's Avatar
    Free flagship phone ? Why not
    02-12-2016 08:41 AM
  11. Germslopz's Avatar
    Honestly i really like my S6 Edge but theres always room for improvement right. Id really like to see a micro SD card slot on the phone. Possibly on the top or bottom, since the edges are so thin. Also could always use an improvement to the camera (although its pretty dam good right now) and as far as colors, lets not be like those silly apple folks and the god awful colors they came up with, gunmetal, champagne and silver are pretty safe and elegant colors to stick with. You want some color, add a case to the phone.
    02-12-2016 09:00 AM
  12. mieszko200's Avatar
    I always wanted to have black Samsung.
    02-12-2016 09:16 AM
  13. socarwolverine's Avatar
    In for the win!
    02-12-2016 09:42 AM
  14. psycho9x's Avatar
    I'll see if it bends. (that's a lie)
    02-12-2016 09:56 AM
  15. Alexandre V Machado's Avatar
    02-12-2016 10:25 AM
  16. ihtc's Avatar
    Would love the new S7 edge! I think the color choices will remain the same as last years, with perhaps a special color being launched later on. Really would like one for the good physical form factor, yet still decent screen real estate. Hopefully the battery life is better then the S6 / S6 edge. Thanks AC as always!
    02-12-2016 10:35 AM
  17. Terminator's Avatar
    my phone keeps on freezing so I could really use this phone
    02-12-2016 10:50 AM
  18. visu9211's Avatar
    What I would do with the devise... What anyone would do with a new devise...

    Play with it, take lots of Pics... & show it off....
    02-12-2016 10:56 AM
  19. anon(9226130)'s Avatar
    I want this I have an old Samsung Star 2.
    02-12-2016 10:58 AM
  20. Law2138's Avatar
    I'd do the same stuff I do with my current device: Make calls, text friends and family, stream music, take pictures, social network and feed my Android Central addiction. I wouldn't say I want this REALLY bad, but it would be nice to win a NEW device. I'd sell my S6 Active and get out of this NEXT program for sure. I've always rolled with grey or black devices because I don't like committing to a specific color. If I want color, I'll buy a case.

    I guess my chance is as good as anyone elses.
    02-12-2016 11:21 AM
  21. jarjarhoskins's Avatar
    It would be great to own another Samsung phone. A matte black Samsung 7 would be a nice touch to add to their line of phones
    02-12-2016 11:34 AM
  22. chaoslogix's Avatar
    I could use a new phone, my old Nexus 5 is only getting older and more temperamental.
    02-12-2016 11:41 AM
  23. knemchak's Avatar
    Bring back the removable battery and memory slot.
    02-12-2016 12:05 PM
  24. PhobicCarrot's Avatar
    02-12-2016 12:22 PM
  25. sailor66's Avatar
    i think s7 will be a killer phone
    02-12-2016 12:29 PM
2,335 ... 6566676869 ...

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