02-21-2016 12:27 PM
2,335 ... 8485868788 ...
  1. xratola's Avatar
    I'd totally love this phone since mine passed away
    02-18-2016 12:19 PM
  2. avenue13's Avatar
    their 14nm architecture processor in S6 was ahead of SD810 by a huge margin. Let's see what they got in s7
    02-18-2016 12:27 PM
  3. treno's Avatar
    Would love an upgrade to my GS6 Edge. I've tried others, but keep going back to Samsung.
    02-18-2016 12:53 PM
  4. joedevine1976's Avatar
    I want it.
    02-18-2016 01:14 PM
  5. OnlyVyxyn's Avatar
    I held off from upgrading to the Note 5 because it doesn't allow for sd card expansion. Let the return of the sd card slot be a way that Samsung distinguishes itself from Apple!
    02-18-2016 01:24 PM
  6. Cre8tive's Avatar
    Wow, what a great phone, Samsung!
    02-18-2016 01:26 PM
  7. jaytee's Avatar
    I'd switch to this phone and let my son have my G4... maybe...
    02-18-2016 01:35 PM
  8. Bikedog's Avatar
    Oh Yeah!
    02-18-2016 02:16 PM
  9. JayBlue's Avatar
    I've never seen a contest like this... ahead of release xD
    I would like to win this one, these phones look great, yet I like the regular one... I'm not a fan of the edge o.o
    02-18-2016 02:35 PM
  10. Saloniu12's Avatar
    I could use a new phone...I am always loving new gear...I want the bluey/black one.
    02-18-2016 02:45 PM
  11. RESGA's Avatar
    I want it.
    02-18-2016 02:48 PM
  12. celborn's Avatar
    That phone is looking sweeter and sweeter. I could really use one
    02-18-2016 02:49 PM
  13. mcolesjr's Avatar
    Count me in!
    02-18-2016 02:56 PM
  14. James Ramos1's Avatar
    Well, well, well seems to be the s7 is gonna be water resistance and a want it. Lol

    Posted via the Android Central App
    02-18-2016 03:45 PM
  15. triscuit22's Avatar
    I need this.
    02-18-2016 03:57 PM
  16. jlwebb821's Avatar
    I want the newest Samsung phone. I want to play with it like it is Christmas.
    02-18-2016 03:58 PM
  17. jaimeastin's Avatar
    ll... It would be nice to have a flagship android device. I have been using and LOVING my Blu Life One X which I paid $150 for. Being away from android for so long, I did not think I was in for what I got. My mind has been BLOWN. Android is truly the most advances mobile operating system. it is so smart, that google app knows everything. Very helpful.

    Help me out guys, take me all the way... Im ready... I submit
    02-18-2016 04:47 PM
  18. thomasmarcgodskid's Avatar
    I want that S7 Edge phone!!!
    02-18-2016 04:48 PM
  19. mynameisbruce's Avatar
    I haven't had a Samsung phone since the Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch. I'd like to see how far things have come.
    02-18-2016 04:49 PM
  20. onnad's Avatar
    I'd be happy with either model.
    02-18-2016 04:57 PM
  21. Transtang z28's Avatar
    I loooooooove what Samsung's screens are capable of lately. I would probably just stare at the blank background for 3 days when I win one!
    02-18-2016 05:02 PM
  22. thomasjames_01's Avatar
    I would go and take some awesome pictures
    02-18-2016 05:10 PM
  23. poleman25's Avatar
    It will be awesome!
    02-18-2016 05:21 PM
  24. ReneGO0's Avatar
    I guess Colors will be back to normal like Black, White and Gold but i wish they Keep Emerald it is a magnificent colour!
    Purple is a good color to add IMO.
    Iwould like to see if phone is water resistant too.
    02-18-2016 05:54 PM
  25. roninjoker's Avatar
    February 20th is a great day to finish this contest - that's my wife's birthday!
    jimmiekain likes this.
    02-18-2016 06:40 PM
2,335 ... 8485868788 ...

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