03-17-2011 08:04 AM
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  1. JBundles's Avatar
    i have terrible luck, but here goes nothin! free thunderbolt please!
    03-09-2011 10:20 PM
  2. kil187's Avatar
    Please for the love of GAWD, I need this phone for freesies!!
    03-09-2011 10:20 PM
  3. Ben_Richardss's Avatar
    let me get that
    03-09-2011 10:21 PM
  4. J Antonio's Avatar
    Hello God, Can I please have this?
    03-09-2011 10:21 PM
  5. tech buddy's Avatar
    sweet cant wait to have one
    03-09-2011 10:22 PM
  6. rizzen32's Avatar

    ok, ok. You folks have been more than patient, waiting two months now for the htc thunderbolt to be released on verizon. It's coming any time now, it's just that nobody quite knows when.

    But no matter. As soon as it's released, we're gonna give you one. An htc thunderbolt of your very own. You're own your own for service with verizon, but we're giving you the hardware.

    So, what do you have to do to win? Just leave a post in this thread. (we'll make you jump through some hoops for the next phone.)

    • now, the fine print: This is a u.s. Phone, so it's a u.s.-only contest, sorry.
    • no, we don't know when the phone will be available.
    • you can enter more than once, but we'll know you did it.
    • no, we still don't know when the phone will be available.

    that's it. Contest closes when we close the thread. Good luck!
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    03-09-2011 10:23 PM
  7. keithmills's Avatar
    I could use this phone
    03-09-2011 10:23 PM
  8. bugdad's Avatar
    Bring on the thunder!
    03-09-2011 10:23 PM
  9. gwangi's Avatar
    Thunder, Thunder, Thunderbolt Hooooooo!
    03-09-2011 10:24 PM
  10. Bikram72's Avatar
    Hopefully i can be the one out of 1400 so far to win
    03-09-2011 10:24 PM
  11. cartersprunger's Avatar
    I'd love to win this beast.
    03-09-2011 10:24 PM
  12. sonicblueheaven's Avatar
    i just wanted to say this phone would be a HUGE help for communication between myself and my parents.
    my parents, who are both deaf, just bought their first android phones (both got mytouch 4g's). texting them is great, but its not always the most convenient of communication.
    so then i thought, since they now have front-facing cameras on their mytouch phones.....and if i win the thunderbolt with a front-facing cam...slap that on my current Verizon plan, communication will be so much easier!!
    so......from myself and my parents, in advance......thank you!!
    03-09-2011 10:24 PM
  13. kamileon's Avatar
    I love my Samsung Fascinate, but I would love to have the Thunderbolt. Never had the pleasure of using an HTC device, wanna give that since ui a good spin.
    03-09-2011 10:26 PM
  14. hoosiercub's Avatar
    Would love to win the bolt, lost my incredible it a crappy accident recently, and had already forfeited my upgrade to my brother who's old enV crapped out on him. So i'm stuck rocking the LG VX8300.. best flip phone ever IMO.. but I'm going insane not having a smartphone.. srsly, I even miss my old Storm1's.. all 5 of them.
    03-09-2011 10:26 PM
  15. mortalmallard's Avatar
    I never win crap so usually don't get in on these things but dang............Not passing this up. Hook me up boys!!!!!!
    03-09-2011 10:26 PM
  16. starscream84's Avatar
    I need to get rid of my Samsung.... =)
    03-09-2011 10:26 PM
  17. thevaristy's Avatar
    I'm not gonna sit here and say I deserve it. But I sure would like to win one.
    03-09-2011 10:26 PM
  18. weasel123's Avatar
    oh yeah, i need a new phone.
    03-09-2011 10:27 PM
  19. h3535's Avatar
    thunderbolt, thunderbolt, where are you?
    03-09-2011 10:27 PM
  20. nouse00's Avatar
    Contract is almost up but I will take a free phone
    03-09-2011 10:27 PM
  21. samrov44's Avatar
    I never win stuff... dont know y i would start now... but i would love to have this phone... i live in a basement apt so the 4g would really help me ALOT
    03-09-2011 10:29 PM
  22. firelightguitarist's Avatar
    i can has thunderbolt? plox? :P
    03-09-2011 10:29 PM
  23. 2swol's Avatar
    Yes yes!! Gotta have on the 17th please!!!
    03-09-2011 10:30 PM
  24. Q1102's Avatar
    I am perfectly OK with swapping my Fascinate for a Thunderbolt
    Especially a free one!!!!!
    03-09-2011 10:30 PM
  25. brum08's Avatar
    Hey at least there's a 50/50 chance you guys don't have to give one out! But seriously, give me one so I can get ahold of that 4G goodness. And check out AndroidCentral for info on the new and better phone in a month or two hahah
    03-09-2011 10:30 PM
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