03-17-2011 09:04 AM
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  1. 46Power's Avatar
    Would be pretty sweet if my first post would win me my first Android phone.

    Here is for hoping.
    03-10-2011 10:23 AM
  2. Aetius#AC's Avatar
    You guys rock, love the articles and the podcast.
    03-10-2011 10:24 AM
  3. dk21's Avatar
    I'd love to have one! Pick me, please!
    03-10-2011 10:25 AM
  4. reverik's Avatar
    I am in. Please, please, please. please. Points for annoying manners?
    03-10-2011 10:26 AM
  5. ScubaSnac9's Avatar
    Would be really helpful to have a new phone, since mine likes to lock up all the time now. The thunderbolt is pretty sweet!
    03-10-2011 10:28 AM
  6. david.karr's Avatar
    03-10-2011 10:29 AM
  7. disciple27's Avatar
    Wife took my Dinc but winning this phone would be a great compromise. I miss my android.
    03-10-2011 10:29 AM
  8. le0le0n's Avatar
    Thunderbolt me!!!
    03-10-2011 10:29 AM
  9. cheuer's Avatar
    Please let me win!
    03-10-2011 10:29 AM
  10. DMBAdict04's Avatar
    This would be an awesome phone to win! Love my Droid X but wouldn't mind the Thunderbolt!
    03-10-2011 10:29 AM
  11. radyoactive's Avatar
    Don't pick me, i'll just sell it on Craigslist or Ebay for the profit!

    J/K...would love to have this for a price of say...on the house!
    03-10-2011 10:30 AM
  12. ScottyDog's Avatar
    What the hell. I'm giving it a try!
    03-10-2011 10:31 AM
  13. sassy3-'s Avatar
    Been milking my Storm 1 for along time waiting for the next great Android phone. This is it for me!
    03-10-2011 10:32 AM
  14. shanesol's Avatar
    Had my OG Droid since the day it arrived. I love it but it's time to try out something else. I'm in!
    03-10-2011 10:32 AM
  15. eljaystudios's Avatar
    I'd love to get the HTC Thunderbolt from Android Central, I'd just love to get the Thunderbolt for starters. I've been waiting since I heard about the arrival of the phone, but I'll continue to wait so I can upgrade my DInc
    03-10-2011 10:32 AM
  16. humper619's Avatar
    Thunderbolt will only intensify the tiger blood running through my veins please hook me up NO WAMMYS NO WAMMYS. As always humper + androidcentral= WINNING!!!!!!!!!!
    03-10-2011 10:33 AM
  17. shcole's Avatar
    An Evo on Steroids....I need one!
    03-10-2011 10:34 AM
  18. badger28's Avatar
    I need this, my OG droid has been brought back to life one too many times, it may not make it
    03-10-2011 10:34 AM
  19. djmackee's Avatar
    Og droid. Could use an upgrade.
    03-10-2011 10:36 AM
  20. Ninazu's Avatar
    HTC. Thunderbolt. 4G speeds!
    This would be great!
    03-10-2011 10:37 AM
  21. kenken219's Avatar
    I really really really want that phone

    Sent from my PC36100 using Tapatalk
    03-10-2011 10:37 AM
  22. froader's Avatar
    I am pretty anxious for this phone. Even better to win one. I sure hope it turns out to be good and no short comings from HTC and Verizon. Fingers crossed!
    03-10-2011 10:42 AM
  23. jbolz's Avatar
    I really want this phone!!
    03-10-2011 10:43 AM
  24. sabindaman's Avatar
    Would love to have a free TB!
    03-10-2011 10:43 AM
  25. xtrakt's Avatar
    A free Thunderbolt would make a great upgrade
    03-10-2011 10:44 AM
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