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  1. imprezu's Avatar
    Tell us when you first started showing interest in the TB?
    I've been interested in it since I first heard about it back in January. I started watching all the youtube videos from this site, wirefly ,and youtube reviewing the phone.

    What interested you the most (features/aesthetics,etc.)?
    I would say the being the 1st 4g phone for Verizon and we are getting it in this area soon was very tempting. Also being a previous owner of the DINC, I really like HTC Handsets in General. Another huge selling point was the face that it has a front facing camera. I hope to use the camera when skype is up and running.

    How crazy you've gone through all these delays?
    Very.. I almost have little to no patience when it comes to new gadgets since I'm an IT guy and it's in my blood. I had subscribed to Verizon, HTC Thunderbolt on Facebook and Verizon and everything that had #thunderbolt on twitter. I also visited all the message boards multiple times a day and visited Verizon frequently. It was almost an obsession to me.

    What your purchasing plan is: online, brick and morter, waiting outside Verizon's store all night?
    My Verizon Rep called me today and I'm scheduled to come in at 9am on the 17th to pick up my phone.

    And anything else that you think we'd find humorous or interesting.
    It's funny because the day the contest ends is my Birthday (35). It would make a sweet birthday gift. I can send a copy of my ID to confirm.
    03-15-2011 03:15 PM
  2. Bailarge's Avatar
    Tell us when you first started showing interest in the TB.

    On Thanksgiving of 2010. I was on Best Buy online looking for deals and I saw that they were offering the Incredible for free with a new two year contract. I went through the whole process, and as I was checking out, instead of getting a confirmation I wound up with a note saying I wasn't eligible until 3/14/11 (my NE2 credit date). I was annoyed, and my Fiance, who needed a new phone and was able to do the deal, swooped in and ordered one for herself. At that point I told her I'd get something even better someday. So I looked up the newest phones, and I started reading about the HD Incredible/Mecha. The rest, as they say, is history.

    What interested you the most (features/aesthetics,etc.)?

    Sense/LTE/Apps. All three. I have a Samsung Alias right now. So these features were clearly the big things for me. Frankly, it's the whole phone, though.

    How crazy you've gone through all these delays?

    Not too bad. I've definitely kept an eye on everything and contributed to the forums here and there, but I knew that my NE2 wasn't until 3/14 so initially it was pointless to get caught up. The last week and a half or so has been tough, though. I initially thought the phone would be out in February, and soon I was worried that it'd even be out when I had my NE2! I'm still antsy, at least until I actually have the phone.

    What your purchasing plan is: online, brick and morter, waiting outside Verizon's store all night?

    Corporate Store. I won't say exactly where, at least not until I have the phone. I won't be camping out. I would kind of have to kick my own butt if I did something like that. I'll wake up, have my breakfast and do my other morning stuff, and do everything I can not to be antsy while in my car as I drive to the store. I have a back route that I'll take, so as to avoid any potential highway traffic. I'll be there by nine or so and, barring something horrible happening to me, I'll have it in my hand by around 9:20 or so.

    And anything else that you think we'd find humorous or interesting.

    When I was 23 I had to go to the ER because I got a Q-Tip stuck in my ear. I got out of the shower, went to clean my ears, and when I pulled out the Q-Tip, the cotton swab was gone. I tried getting it out, but it went in even further. The doctor told me that it was the furthest in he had ever seen a Q-Tip stuck, and I was the old person by about 15 years to come into the ER with that problem.
    03-15-2011 03:36 PM
  3. pstellato73's Avatar
    1. Tell us when you first started showing interest in the TB.
    I was hooked on the Tbolt when I saw the post from AC about this 4.3" beast called the Mecha. I think it was back in November. I had an early upgrade coming on Dec. 16th so I waited. And waited......and waited......and waited some more. Its finally here and I am goin ins to get me some TBOLT love.

    2. What interested you the most (features/aesthetics,etc.)?
    The first thing that got me was the huge 4.3" screen. I currently have an OG Droid so the huge touch only screen was what caught my eye. I loved the fact that this was going to be a 4G LTE phone. The kickstand is awesome. I am always trying to find ways to prop up my Droid trying to watch Thunderbolt videos on you tube while I am traveling for work. The front facing camera is a definite plus. Like I said, I travel a lot for work and I have 2 daughters that I try to see each night. I have a webcam that I bring with me and hook up to my laptop, so now I will be able to use the TB and not have to play around with a wired connection. That's so last year. lol. Internal memory and a 32GB mini sd card will also be a big plus for me. I'm always running out of room on my Droid. I have tons of apps. The droid just doesn't have the stuff anymore.........sorry buddy. I think I actually see my Droid crying......

    3. How crazy you've gone through all these delays?
    Crazy? What do you mean crazy? I'm not crazy. No. I just check AC every day, twitter(BMX, AC, VZW, etc.), forums, post to forums, respond to posts on the storm is brewing forum, Sleep, get up, check the forums, twitter, forums, google htc thunderbolt, check the verizon wireless web page every day, check HTC.com every day, check BMX's blog, call a few VZW stores, Walk thru the local best buy and hound the BB mobile staff about the bolt, come home, check the forum, check AC, Twitter, watch hands on videos of the bolt, etc...etc.... I have been doing that since CES. That's normal isn't it???

    4. What your purchasing plan is: online, brick and morter, waiting outside Verizon's store all night?
    Honestly, I am not sure if I am going to a Verizon store Thursday Morning or ordering online midnight or whenever it goes on sale online. This is an early upgrade for me, so I can't go to Best Buy or Wirefly. I'm kind of limited. Although if I wait til May 3rd I can upgrade thru anywhere. But........I can't wait that long and who knows how long the unlimited 4G data will last. I am not taking any chances. Know what I mean? Of course you do.

    5. And anything else that you think we'd find humorous or interesting.
    Well, even though Verizon never made it official thru all the hoopla, I honestly did not think Verizon ever delayed the bolt. I know a lot of people disagree, but I saw BMX's blog/poem back in January and I really thought it was going to be St. Paddy's day. The rumors started when Best buy opened its big mouth and of course you have to have hope at that point. Especially when AT&T released the Atrix earlier than expected, you kind of feel, well, Verizon is going to do it too, yeah!. But...........it didn't happen. Just wanted to say that VZW never lied, never really delayed the phone. We were just all........what's the word I'm looking for? Ca' ray' zeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! I really hope it was worth the wait.
    03-15-2011 03:40 PM
  4. s.joshua's Avatar
    1. Tell us when you first started showing interest in the TB.
    I first started showing interest in the Thunderbolt after seeing it's debut at CES; mainly driven by the fact that it was going to be the first *Real* 4G device in 'merica. (VZW LTE FTW!)

    2. What interested you the most (features/aesthetics,etc.)?
    Mainly appealed by the fact that it is an HTC device (read: no locked bootloader), and also that it will be 4G LTE. Oh, I like the kickstand idea too

    3. How crazy you've gone through all these delays?
    I am #1 on the pre-order list at my local Best Buy, which means I pre-ordered on their first day of taking them (February 6th). Being an accountant, the mere fact that Best Buy has gotten to keep my $50 for 5+ weeks without me even knowing a finalized date is enough to go mad!

    Also, another shameful fact: I actually registered this username around a week ago now just so that I could customize the number of posts that are viewed per page on the forum while I followed the ridiculous threads with rumors, riddles, and leaks (Many thanks to BMX and Bennnnn for helping us through these tough times!).

    4. What your purchasing plan is: online, brick and morter, waiting outside Verizon's store all night?
    As mentioned, I have pre-ordered through Best Buy and am #1 on the list, so assuming they get more than 0, I will be completing my purchase there.

    5. And anything else that you think we'd find humorous or interesting.
    If the above doesn't tell you enough, my Droid X died a painful drunken got-ran-over-by-a-cab death on February 12th, and I have been suffering a punishment worse than eternal damnation to being stuck on a T-Mobile account in the suburbs of Montana while awaiting this release. (By that I mean I have had to use my old BB Storm.)

    Oh, and most importantly, this pretty case will help me prevent any similar drunken got-ran-over-by-a-cab deaths from occurring to my soon-to-be Thunderbolt. Please help me protect the fate of this beautiful creature
    03-15-2011 03:50 PM
  5. prim8's Avatar
    I started having interest in the Thunderbolt when it was first revealed.
    I have been growing very tired of Samsungs treatment of the Captivate customers with the GPS troubles, Froyo promisesa and general lack of timely updates of any kind.
    This has been compounded by ATT's poor network performance. In my area it's not uncommon for me to have 5 bars of "service" but no actual data being transferred. I think their network is just massively overtaxed.
    The straw for me was when I was on vacation in FL and whenever we were in a Disney park there was never any data service so I couldn't send pictures to family or anything.
    After that I decided to move to another network and device and here I am having pre ordered a TB at Wirefly.
    I've been interested in the TB because I've heard great things about Sense, I like the kickstand and notification LED. I'm also looking forward to the extra memory and also the great things I've heard about the LTE network.
    I have been following the threads in this forum and been reading and re reading everything Bennnnn, Blackmanx Cory and Phil have been posting with great fervor.
    It's been a long wait but I hope this has been a "great story bro".
    03-15-2011 03:51 PM
  6. Geeksy's Avatar
    1. Tell us when you first started showing interest in the TB.
    I first started showing interest in the TB the second it become possible, but my interest in a device like that goes way back. I got a BB Storm in 2009, and hated it. I had to milk my insurance dry to keep the device working. The first was DoA, the second was statically destroyed, the third was DoA, the fourth was doing great, as long as you didn't touch the top 30 rows of pixels, and the fifth BB Storm I had to get lasted until this June when it fell off my desk and into the fiery abyss. So I was begrudgingly forced to return to the pathetic piece of plastic I called a phone, the classic LGVX8350.


    So I went from a smart phone to 2006 in a matter of seconds. I had seen the light of smart phones, and I had been dragged back into the chasm. It's hard to imagine, but going from Smart Phone to Dumb Phone is so much harder than it sounds. But it didn't matter, I had to start another year of college in a few months.

    My contract was available for renewal In October, but my birthday was in November. I began researching smart phones the day after my Storm died. When November came around, I had my heart set on the Incredible. It had a nice screen, a solid processor, and everyone generally agreed that it was the best, longest lasting VZW Android phone. I was excited that I would finally be able to come back to the smart phone world! And then, in November, I saw something that would change everything:

    We all know it. It is the object of our obsession.

    I figured, awe man! This is going to be great! I'll get the fanciest new phone in the world in December, and it'll be great! Little did I know that it would be 5 friggin months until I got it.

    2. What interested you the most (features/aesthetics,etc.)?

    3. How crazy you've gone through all these delays?
    Around the Valentine's Day, I started to get really crazy. Daily, frantic checks of every forum and tech blog I could find. I had a dumb phone, but I had switched back to dumb phone mode. So I really was fine with it: in that I was dumb. I didn't go insane until February 12th. I was at a party when a drunk girl fell on me and sent my phone flying into a wall. It exploded on impact, the screen separated from the body and the radio was rendered useless. I didn't have a phone, in 2011. Luckily I was in such a nonchalant mode at the party (let's call it magic) that I didn't scold the girl that bumped into me. In fact, we just got back from our one-month anniversary lunch

    So I had no phone. I had burgeoning relationship, but no phone. Which was really interesting. But I was told, OH! how I was told, that the phone would launch the 24th. The 24th! They called. And I had reason to believe them.

    But nothing happened. The 24th arrived, and I was obsessively checking the AC Forums. I didn't have an account on the forums, but on the 24th, I suddenly found reason to become a "registered member."

    Schmidt just got real.

    So I registered to see the images, and I've been on the forums ever since. I watched the rise of Ben5, I started one of the craziest forum games in a long time, and I've had a whole lot of fun

    4. What your purchasing plan is: online, brick and morter, waiting outside
    Verizon's store all night?

    I will either be picking it up on the way home, or will be getting it on Friday. It'll be a busy night in the Geeksy Household.

    5. And anything else that you think we'd find humorous or interesting.

    My girlfriend is as excited for me to get this phone as I am. I've had to use Google Voice instead of texting, and it's pretty rough. I have to be in front of a computer if I want to talk to her, and with classes and work there's not enough time in the day. But I try talking to her about the phone beyond "It's pretty and makes calls," and she goes blank. But it's okay. She's a linguistics major, so I don't even have a clue what she's on about.

    And, as an added note, I have been without a phone for over a month. Not "I have had this crappy phone for two years!" or "My phone is super old!" or even "Argh, I have to deal with an OG Droid," I literally have a broken phone. I still have the LG VXWhatever. I dropped it off of the face of a 15 story building on campus, and it survived the fall... somehow. No glass shattering or exploding, it was disappointing. Regardless, I have not had a phone since mid February. So yes, I'm looking forward to the Thunderbolt. I'll also get to use it to Skype my best friend in Japan. His computer finally died on him, and I like to make sure he's okay. He's in Chiba (half the island away from Fukushima, a stone's throw from Tokyo) so he's fine, but it's still nice to know that he's okay. And on the extreme LTE network, it will be all the better

    Just a quick question, does the Innocase come with a Cupholder?
    03-15-2011 03:56 PM
  7. ultrav23's Avatar
    Tell us when you first started showing interest in the TB.
    About 6 months ago I began grooming my wife for the purchase of the Thunderbolt. I began by getting her interested in my Incredible with plans to use her upgrade to get myself the Thunderbolt and switch her to my Incredible. In doing this I have convinced her that she is making me switch and she actually feels a bit guilty. Although it took a lot of planning the delay in launch has actually helped buy me extra time. But, now I must move on my plan or she will see through it.

    What interested you the most (features/aesthetics,etc.)?The larger screen was my biggest interest in the phone. I am not getting any younger and I have a heck of time reading web sites with the 3.7" screen of the Incredible. Along with my fat fingers I have been in a world of hurt for the last year. HTC Sense is a must for me. It just fits my personality perfectly!

    How crazy you've gone through all these delays?
    Seeing as I have duped my wife for the last 6 months I am "loco en la cabeza" if you know what I mean. I have been telling here I didn't want to give up "such a great phone" to keep her interests peaked, but if I don't actually make a switch she will just go get an Incredible for herself. This weekend was set to be D-Day as she would get something one way or another!!!! THANK GOD FOR PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION!!!

    What your purchasing plan is: online, brick and morter, waiting outside Verizon's store all night?
    I am already greasing the palms of my local VZW store to get one. My local mall is fortunate to have 3 stores. So they all get individual stock, but if one doesn't have it they can run to the others and pull stock. My strategy is to go for the smallest store that is out of the way and hope they can pull from a bigger if needed. Backup plan is for the BB in the same mall. I was told by an inside source they will be releasing a second batch in the afternoon that will be unannounced, even to the employees!

    And anything else that you think we'd find humorous or interesting.
    Now I am not condoning this kind of action, but I may have put on a little man charm as the local VZW rep is, how would you say "flamboyant!". My business card with personal cell number on the back seems to have won him over as he as already confirmed stock this afternoon. He is also getting his shift changed to be there Thursday am. Hey, woman do it all the time to get what they want!!!!!
    03-15-2011 04:00 PM
  8. steelcurtain11's Avatar
    The reason I'm getting this phone is because I've been using the env2 for over 2 years.. Without a working front screen, outside buttons, and no enter key. Finally!
    03-15-2011 04:05 PM
  9. ffcody7's Avatar
    Well I have to be honest....I was truely interested in getting a new phone once my fascinate started to "f" up! When AC visited CES and they annouced the Thunderbolt I told myself "I like it, but probably won't wait around long enought to actually get one." But when all the leaks came out about the phone and it's potential release date on Valentine's day I knew then that I would get that phone.

    The 4G LTE service was the first thing that actually caught my eye, but all that it was made by HTC. Before I decided to go with Verizon, away for AT&T, I looked at Sprint for the Evo, so I've always liked the design and also it's features. Now I will be able to get the Thunderbolt which is worlds better with the service I want.

    My Fascinate has been absolutely horrible for a few months now. I have it rooted with Froyo, but the lack of Samsung and Verizon to release the official update for the Fascinate has been nothing but disappointing. The battery has been bad, and it always seems to freeze as the worse times. I have sence sworn off Samsung devices as well as most Motorola phone, because I also used a Droid 2 for a bit.

    I have already made my appointment with my local Verizon store at 9:00, when they open, to get my new Thunderbolt. I am really excited about this, that it has been driving my fiance insane. She keeps tellling me to stop talking about it because it will be available when its available. I am truely excited about this phone and also will be keeping a case on it if I get this one or not.

    03-15-2011 04:13 PM
  10. Forgetful's Avatar
    Well at the end of December I decided I wanted a new phone (I've had feature phones all my life) and was about to buy the Droid X but a vzw employee said to wait until after CES. I did and fell in love with the Bionic and Bolt instantly, but then the iphone4 was announced a week later and since I was a complete smartphone newbie I had no idea if I wanted the iphone4 or Bolt/Bionic.

    After doing a lot of research (discovering this site) and handling AT&T's iphone and the Droid Inc/X, I decided that android was right for me. After that, I had to make the decision between Bolt and Bionic, that was actually easier now that I was more educated.

    For me it came down to (in no particular order):
    -768MB RAM (50% increase over the current gen smart phones)
    -Next gen 1GHz snapdragon (1900 stock quadrant score, wow)
    -Beautiful 4.3in screen
    -HTC Sense (sooo much better than IOS or Blur)
    -Possible netflix support in the future
    -1.3 FFC
    -Guaranteed to have a stellar developer community
    -Aesthetically very pleasing

    I've basically been on Android Central every hour or two since the first week of February (When the dreaded release date mayhem started). Now that it's almost over I feel like I can finally relax (until the root/rom development commences).

    I'm 2+ hours from a VZW store but I'm planning on getting up at 4 to drive to the nearest one to wait in line. Hopefully I can get an employee to help me out, otherwise I guess I'll have to order it online and wait another few days.

    I few weeks ago I bought a used Dinc to hold me over since we were getting no info on the Bolt. In that time period I was completely convinced that Android was the superior system for me, and HTC did a great job with the Dinc so I'm sure the Bolt is going to be out of this world. Funny story- in the time I've had the Dinc, my GF has fallen in love with it and Android (she spends almost more time on my phone than me). So she's taking my Dinc from me as soon as I get the Bolt (here's another pressure for me getting the Bolt at release).
    03-15-2011 04:14 PM
  11. ChauncNJ's Avatar
    Hi, I'm still using a Storm 1, have been eligible to upgrade for eons. Was pretty much settled on the Droid X at release time, but dragged my feet, sometime around Sept saw a spy photo of the Tbolt and that's all she wrote.

    Of course as we approached rumored release dates, my Storm started to die ever so slowly. I am beyond ready for this phone to be here, and I would greatly appreciate having a nice case to protect it. BTW this will be my first HTC product along w/ android product. I'm very excited.
    03-15-2011 04:20 PM
  12. Captcha Your Soul's Avatar
    Tell us when you first started showing interest in the TB.
    My contract on Verizon was up in early Feb, so the months before, I started researching phones to see what the rumor landscape looked like and I stumbled upon the Thunderbolt, apparently the first phone coming with 4gLTE. All the other phones on VZW were pretty much outdated, so this was pretty much the only phone I could be excited about!

    What interested you the most (features/aesthetics,etc.)?
    Honestly nothing about the Thundebolt is new or interesting in any way but it was the whole package that impressed me. It has pretty much the whole featureset that you come to expect in phones. Sometimes phones will have a really good camera but a ****ty processors, or a good processor but a bad screen. However on the thunderbolt, the featureset just comes together to create something that is good in all departments.

    How crazy you've gone through all these delays?
    I checked the forums every second of every day and it was just a terrible terrible experience.
    These forums are so addicting, but I really liked the sense of community that we have here !

    What your purchasing plan is: online, brick and morter, waiting outside Verizon's store all night?

    Order it online and have it shipped to my doorstep! What could be easier?

    And anything else that you think we'd find humorous or interesting.

    I'm stuck on an old unrooted moto droid
    03-15-2011 04:34 PM
  13. kjk522's Avatar
    1. Tell us when you first started showing interest in the TB.
    When I stumbled upon the CES Verizon presentation, my interest peaked. Then I googled and found AC. I'm an avid lurker.
    2. What interested you the most (features/aesthetics,etc.)? I'm excited for the front-facing camera. I'm coming from a BB Storm, so I'm excited for the new-to-me platform (HTC Sense).
    3. How crazy you've gone through all these delays?Ridiculous crazy, though my husband has been greatly amused at my obsession of this phone.
    4. What your purchasing plan is: online, brick and morter, waiting outside Verizon's store all night? Brick and Mortar probably as I want to really get a look at this phone before purchasing to make sure it's actually what I'm looking for. I'm not sure I want a larger phone so I've gotta check it out.
    03-15-2011 04:44 PM
  14. Jaymil's Avatar
    My interest in the TB started back around...well whenever those first leaked pics were posted on BGR I think it was. Back when it was just a rumored VZW device. I thought it looked like the love child of an evo and a nexus 1. The fact that it had a kickstand, 4.3 inch screen and ffc are what got me, aside from the looks.

    Pretty much everyone I work with as well as my gf are sick of hearing about the TB at this point. I would probably be going alot crazier if I didn't have my Xoom to keep me occupied. Now I just need my TB so I can get some supersweet 4g tethering going on.

    I have a pre-order from Best Buy that I placed back on like the 6th of Feb. I have an appointment to go in Thursday morning at 10:30 (leaving work early) but if I hear that Costco has it cheaper than $250 I'll be going there instead. Starting up a third line to get this as I really can't afford $750 for off contract pricing. I have a standing offer from Verizon's win back office to reactivate my third line and get a few free months of service or a phone discount but I really really really don't want to wait any longer than I need to and I can't bring myself to have it shipped and not have it Thursday morning. I previously cancelled my third line because it was cheaper to pay the ETF and then reopen it than to pay full retail.

    Finally I'm glad this phone is finally releasing. I would seriously have withdrawals if I went too long without checking for new TB news. I'm pretty sure my 2 week old Xoom has the android central logo burnt into the screen by now. Also I've always wanted to try the Seidio cases as I hear they are good but I'm really really picky about phone cases. I always end up buying them, using them for a few days and then going naked but as I'm a mechanic in the air force I really should have some kind of protection on the phone. Especially one as sexy as the TB.
    03-15-2011 04:47 PM
  15. Jodiuh's Avatar
    Too much work!
    03-15-2011 04:52 PM
  16. AllanManangan's Avatar
    First of all, I want to thank Cory Streater for putting together this give-away. You work hard enough as it is. This is over and above. Thank you, Cory.

    Introduce yourself to the AC forums
    If you really want to, read my introduction.

    Tell us when you first started showing interest in the TB.
    I first heard of the ThunderBolt from my brother JManangan. He was looking to move on from his AT&T iPhone4 and I was looking to move on from my jailbroken-to-work-on-T-Mobile iPhonethe original one.

    I immediately became interested and began searching for info on the Internet. After running into news stories that were blatantly copied from more reputable sources, I stumbled upon Android Central. The posts I read here were far more informative and insightful compared to other forums, so I decided to join and stay.

    What interested you the most (features/aesthetics,etc.)?
    Considering I had an original iPhone for years, I never decided to begin programming on it because Apple's system was too restrictive. Moreover, the device only supported EDGE, so browsing was very, very slow. Anything would be better than that, but I wanted to make an informed decision, so I chose the ThunderBolt. Major points:

    • Faster Internet via LTE or 3G
    • Being able to more freely program my device via Android
    • Good hardware overall

    The ThunderBolt is a great single-core device. This will definitely be more than enough for now.

    How crazy you've gone through all these delays?
    The delays have been frustrating to say the least.

    JManangan and I were the second and third at our local Best Buy to pre-order in the hopes that the rumored February 14th date was correct. From then the "obsession" begantweeting about it whenever I heard news, linking to relevant Android Central tweets, and "constantly checking in" with HTC, Verizon Wireless, and Best Buy Mobile Twitter accounts for updates.

    Things got bad on February 23rd and I tweeted to Android Central:
    "@AndroidCentral @VerizonWireless shares our excitement about the @HTC ThunderBolt, but not our frustration! We want news! Release date now!"

    After the rumored February 24th date passed, I gave in and bought a DROID X to keep me sane. My hope was that the ThunderBolt would release before our Best Buy 30-day exchange deadline. Fortunately, it will.

    What your purchasing plan is: online, brick and morter, waiting outside Verizon's store all night?
    I will pick up my Best Buy Mobile pre-order, ask to have the Buy Back program put on the ThunderBolt, and go to work late on Thursday. It will be so worth it.

    And anything else that you think we'd find humorous or interesting.
    I do not think I have ever gone this overboard for a single mobile device. I would not have survived without knowing that the Android Central community was suffering together. Thanks everyone!
    03-15-2011 05:00 PM
  17. canesfan44's Avatar
    Like ChauncNJ above, I'm also a Storm 1 owner and have been able to upgrade since June or July of last year. I found out about the Thunderbolt while following the developments in the, now called, Moto Bionic. I was under the impression that that phone was supposed to come out around Thanksgiving last year. At least that's what Jha said. After constantly following the Bionic's development, I heard about the HTC Thunderbolt. I have a few friends with Evo's, so I played around with their phones to see how I like Sense and the overall HTC experience. I liked it a lot, more so than the Droid X and other Moto Droid phones. The more a read up on the Thunderbolt, the more I liked it, and in a very short amount of time, I forgot about the Bionic and focused on the Thunderbolt. I found AC through a post with a link on another forum. The difference between AC and the other phone was pretty drastic. I love this forum and the moderators. The "There's a storm brewing..." thread is the perfect example of why I love this forum. That thread is, somewhat, a general discussion thread pertaining to the Thunderbolt, and in any general discussion, the topic of discussion will stray a little, but almost always comes back to the main idea. The moderators seemed to have the same opinion and didn't get upset when a few of us would go on a small tangent, discussing something completely unrelated to the phone, like college basketball. That is what made that thread so great. We pretty much waited for updates from Bennnnn and BMX while discussing anything and everything, but the discussion always returned to the Thunderbolt, with some good laughs in between.

    Anyway, I'll be buying the TB through a local Verizon store in Miami, Coral Gables actually. Yesterday, I called and scheduled an appointment there for 9am. That was such a simple, intelligent idea, and if I didn't read a post by Drew66 (I think that was his name) that said that he scheduled an appointment for first thing Thursday morning, I wouldn't have even thought about doing that, so thanks. The screen on my Storm cracked two weeks ago (that was the only good thing about that phone, it could take a lot of abuse. I can't even fathom the amount of times I dropped that phone. I mean, the 5 that I've had) so I'm really looking forward to Thursday to step up to an actual "smart" phone.
    03-15-2011 05:01 PM
  18. somnambulator's Avatar
    When: I've been following it since AC's demoing @ CES
    Why: latest hardware, 4.3 screen, 4G LTE, and equally importantly- HTC
    How crazy????? i've been up for a new phone since november. i thought tegra 2 and other goodies were coming Q1 11. i decided to wait until the 1st big Verizon release of the year. obviously iphone was never as option. how crazy? i've been on a droid eris. enough said.
    i have a major fear of buying in B&M b/c i'm still running a 20% employee discount from a retailer that went out of business 2 years ago. also, i highly prefer 1 year contracts which arent commonly found in non-Verizon stores.
    03-15-2011 05:07 PM
  19. matt0715's Avatar
    i started showing interest when the first pictures came out! it looks like a beauty! the fact that it will probably be the most powerful single core phone gave a lot of interest in me. i dont really want a dual core untill its flaws are all worked out and when it is proven to be better than a single core by a lot. i have gone sooo crazy! i pre ordered at best buy which was a big mess! one date after another, everytime being very sad and angry. soo happy all of the mess is over! i will be buying this at best buy right when it opens. HTC thunderbolt here i come
    03-15-2011 05:20 PM
  20. bstmstrxellos's Avatar
    Tell us when you first started showing interest in the TB
    I started to show some interest in the phone back when it was know as the Mecha. I was always interested in the EVO 4G, something about a big phone with a kickstand always seemed like a great idea to me. When CES came around I was interest in the Thunderbolt, but at the time was actually more interested in the Droid Bionic. I was using an original Droid at the time, thinking that phone would last me into the summer. At a week after CES the unthinkable happened, the touch screen on my original Droid stopped working the day before the iPhone came out. The one year warranty was up and I didn't have insurance on the phone, so there was getting no replacement Droid. Verizon tried suggesting that I use my upgrade to get an iPhone, but once you go Google you never can go back. I knew that day I was going to get the Thunderbolt.

    What interested you the most (features/aesthetics,etc.)?
    I love the idea of a 4.3" touch screen and a kickstand. Also after using only stock Android I am looking forward to using Sense and see how they improved on stock Android.

    How crazy you've gone through all these delays?
    I gone through Android withdrawal since my Droid died. I had to use a dumb phone for 2 weeks. After that was I able to get my hands on a Palm Pre Plus (due to it being on eBay cheaper than any Verizon android phone). I heard reviews that stated webOS was a great operating system, but after using it, it may be great compared to iOS, but it can't hold a candle to Android. The worst thing that happened me during this waiting period was about 3 weeks ago my Pre showed that I received an e-mail for Verizon and since the screen is so small all I could read was "The wait is finally over the Verizon..." I really though that was an e-mail about the Thunderbolt, turns out it was an e-mail about my FiOS dvr.

    I've been going so crazy waiting for this phone that I even read the entire Inspire 4G manual so I would have an idea of what the Thunderbolt would be like.

    What your purchasing plan is: online, brick and morter, waiting outside Verizon's store all night?
    I was the first pre-order at my Best Buy and I am planning on going after work on Thrusday.

    And anything else that you think we'd find humorous or interesting.
    At first I was questioning my decision to get the Thunderbolt. After CES I thought I wanted be the Droid Bionic cause of the Dual-core. At first it felt like I only wanted it because it was the first new Android phone to be released on Verizon after my phone died. I started to feel better about the decision when I heard on an Engadget podcast that there were some problems with the LG Opitmus 2X and that the Dual-core doesn't add much value. From there it was 2 AT&T phones that cemented my decision, the Atrix and and the Inspire 4G. Between read nothing but complaints about the MotoBlur on the Atrix to Phil stating on the podcast (after using the Inspire) that Sense is the best skin for Android. I am confident that if the Bionic was also being release this Thursday I would still buy the Thunderbolt.
    03-15-2011 05:33 PM
  21. xploren's Avatar
    Tell us when you first started showing interest in the TB.
    I fell in love with the Thunderbolt as soon as it was announced. I've always been around HTC products since Android began to soar up in popularity, and I've always loved them. HTC always seemed to get better and better all the time, instead of dwelling in one area. So it was a no-brainer that the Thunderbolt was the next phone for me.

    What interested you the most (features/aesthetics, etc.)?
    My interest holds in more of a combination of various features inside the Thunderbolt, but if I had to choose one part of the phone I most liked, it'd be the design. It looked big yet comfortable to hold, and that kickstand looks amazingly sexy. That little gap between the glass of the screen and the actual bottom of the phone looks great too. All about the little things, I suppose.

    How crazy have you gone through all these delays?
    Amazingly crazy. I planned to immediately get it when I heard of the Valentine's Day date, but every week until now, it was delayed and delayed. I'd just surf through all the Android sites on Tuesdays looking for any kind of announcements. I almost gave up and got an old Droid 2 Global as a result (more on that later).

    What's your purchasing plan: online, brick and mortar, waiting outside Verizon's store all night, etc?
    It's a Thursday and I have to work, so I don't know how it'll turn out. I'd probably try to go pick one up at a Verizon store though.

    And anything interesting...
    I recently decided I just couldn't wait anymore. This was only Saturday night. I decided it just wouldn't be worth it waiting for the phone, especially if it was $249.99. Obviously something finally snapped in my head, and I went on Wirefly to order a Droid 2 Global. I'm not at the point where I can actually officially upgrade, but I found on Verizon's site that I was up for an early upgrade. So I figured Wirefly would let me buy a phone from them too. The next day though (my birthday, as it happens), I got an e-mail saying my order had been canceled, as Verizon wouldn't allow me to have an early upgrade from a third-party vendor. This had kinda pissed me off; at the end of the day though, I realized that I had been seeing way too many confirmations of the March 17th date for the Thunderbolt. Maybe it was real this time... and sure enough, March 17th was announced today. So I guess everything worked out for the best! HTC and Verizon gave me a nice little belated birthday gift.
    03-15-2011 05:44 PM
  22. realitydigg's Avatar
    Tell us when you first started showing interest in the TB.
    CES was the show i thought would launch the most exciting devices. I sifted through the announcements and Thuderbolt came out on top for me

    What interested you the most (features/aesthetics,etc.)?
    HTC has a nice look to their handsets. Sense seems to win out over other overlays, but hotspot is a feature i need to demo my product, so Hotspot is pushing me off of my current phone

    How crazy you've gone through all these delays?
    So crazy it hurts

    What your purchasing plan is: online, brick and morter, waiting outside Verizon's store all night?
    The plan is ... secret so no one copies me.
    03-15-2011 05:48 PM
  23. acmorris's Avatar
    Well let's begin how well this forum has treated me, nothing but good things say. I regestried last June and was like some along time follower, but never commented. Got my interest going with the Thunderbolt from the official announcement @ CES due to having experience with the Evo while waiting for Verizon to come out with a device near the specs. Got to reading thru the posts from the Thunderbolt forum and realized how organized and friendly some people could be here. What really caught my eye and curiousity is how Cory, Phil, Jerry and other faculty would give responses like they were just like a new fellow board member. Cory just want to a special Thank You to hou and your staff here @ AC!!!

    The Thunderbolt peaked my interest a how much more it could offer me than my Evo does, mainly they are being able to surf and talk at the say time and like on AT&T and of course the 4G network that where Sprint lacks big time! The additional ram it comes with be a nice offset as well due to the ongoing changes to the software and android apps ever evolving, since it takes more memory to run these multiple apps and hogging software that engulfs the ram!

    My plan of action is go to my corporate store and tell them give me my just due a new Thunderbolt. Then come back here and join the in board members with new experiences and congretate some more on the phone with its overall performance and how excited I am.

    As far as the waiting has gone it felt like needing a hit of a drug, then notice ever break let do be a downer. I have waited since the one event was first announced and the media hype from CES. The urge arose closer from the middle of February due the iPhone launch. Just have remain into peices and jacked up till the annoucement from here last night saying looky what's coming on Thursday St. Patrick's Day.

    Now for something funny that will happen to me is that I will eat me a bowl of Lucky Charms and at near the end of the box and I notice there's a suprise @ the bottom. Wandering like the little kid inside of me reach down pull it out and guess what it is? A new ...?
    03-15-2011 06:11 PM
  24. thaphoenix2's Avatar
    All these delays are killing a married man. Lol. I was going to get this for my wife for a surprise for valentines day. I've just been telling her there are all kinds of delays with shipping, I say her present is on back order. I'm running out of excuses. A new phone and new case would help out greatly.
    03-15-2011 06:20 PM
  25. lovy's Avatar
    1. Tell us when you first started showing interest in the TB.
    I first showed interest in the TB when my son showed me what his Evo could do. At the time I was an iPhone4 user and there was nothing anyone could say wrong about that phone, but when I saw that Evo I just had to have one, but because of past experiences with the carrier of Evo*cough* I chose to take the Verizon route. When my son told me about the upcoming TB on Verizon that’s when the craziness started.
    2. What interested you the most (features/aesthetics,etc.)?
    What interested me most was the freedom I would have with the phone. Coming from iPhone4 (which is still a good phone) I felt as if I was released from prison when my son showed me what his Evo could do. I am an electronic geek so the iphone wasn’t for me. I like to tweet, Skype, blog, etc and to be locked into mobile websites is torture for me. I can’t wait to get this phone so that I can learn about rooting etc.

    3. How crazy you've gone through all these delays?
    I began to read any and everything that pertained to the TB. It got so bad that I would actually shut off my computer so I could cook, that didn’t help at all, I was addicted, I would hide in the bathroom with my son Evo just so that I could log onto AC to check for updated info. I knew I needed help when my son caught me with a flashlight at about 2am sneaking on his phone seeking whatever info I could fine. I started calling different Best Buys acting like different people so that I could hear the info over and over. I harassed them so much that they knew my voice and would say miss nothing changed smh I kept saying to myself that I needed to stop, I cursed Verizon and swore up and down that I would not be a prisoner to their so called release dates, but as we all know that’s just talk. I know my children are happy that a date was issued they can finally eat a home cooked meal, no more take out!! They were excited and jumping up and down when I told them Thursday lmao.

    4. What your purchasing plan is: online, brick and morter, waiting outside Verizon's store all night?
    I plan on going to Best Buy because I preordered it. I don’t have to go early because I harassed them so much a young lady called me today and told me that I can come in on Thursday my phone will be waiting.
    5. And anything else that you think we'd find humorous or interesting. Well don’t know if this is funny or sick but I gave Verizon about 6 different email address and phone numbers so they will be contacting me too all 6 of me lmao. Oh even if I don’t win the case it felt good to share my crazy ordeal.
    03-15-2011 06:22 PM
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