04-18-2011 11:06 PM
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  1. jeffjo002's Avatar
    This would be so AWESOME!!! Thanks!!!
    04-12-2011 12:58 AM
  2. Treknologist's Avatar
    Oh, this would be a fantastic thing to have for my TBolt! It'll save me from having to bring a separate GPS unit on my trips!
    04-12-2011 01:24 AM
  3. sirlancelot323's Avatar
    I needs me one of these so. Bad. The phone sits sideways in my cupholder...'tis a pain!
    04-12-2011 01:27 AM
  4. Djscott0731's Avatar
    One of these would be awesome for my shiny new Thunderbolt in my car
    04-12-2011 01:34 AM
  5. Fresh Since 85's Avatar
    Meeeeeeeee! I want one!
    04-12-2011 01:34 AM
  6. chuckh0308's Avatar
    This looks nice! I need a new mount, as the one I have from my old phones doesn't fit the TB right!
    04-12-2011 01:35 AM
  7. frmky's Avatar
    This certainly will be better than the kickstand in the vent trick!
    04-12-2011 01:37 AM
  8. Treghc's Avatar
    Would love a mount for my phone that doesn't allow it to fall over. Has happened far too many times. This looks awesome
    04-12-2011 01:37 AM
  9. squane123's Avatar
    Would love to have one, old crappy universal one keeps falling off of my windshield. I am afraid it will be the death of my TB. Need something reliable.
    04-12-2011 01:40 AM
  10. dirk4201258's Avatar
    Since my OG Droid used to ride in a vent mount (which eventually ripped my vent out due to the weight) I have nothing pimp and new to house my lovable,yet very late, TBolt. This would make a lovely centerpiece to my ve-hic-el and sit right about my Boba Fett bobblehead. Please help me my friends... Thank u kindly,
    Dirk Taylor
    04-12-2011 01:44 AM
  11. JonConley's Avatar
    Wow, I'm in deep on this one...44 pages!

    I just got the Thunderbolt for my lady. It's her first smartphone, and she's in love with Android. I talked her out of an iPhone 4 by showing her all of the neat things you can do with Android.

    This dock would totally make her day (and score me some points).
    04-12-2011 02:34 AM
  12. woolylambkin#AC's Avatar
    I'd love one of these for my thunderbolt!
    04-12-2011 03:23 AM
  13. jr4000watts's Avatar
    hope my low post count does not affect my chances, plus my car charger wont work anymore
    04-12-2011 03:24 AM
  14. Senor Rock's Avatar
    I was just thinking about one of these today so I can' finally stop using my cup holder. My favorite thing about the phone is how fast it boots up. I can go Zero to Angry Birds in 15 seconds.
    04-12-2011 04:03 AM
  15. pip77's Avatar
    I hope I win this
    04-12-2011 04:24 AM
  16. porterhouse's Avatar
    Oh i need one of these cradles sooo bad... Im so tired of trying to balance my thunderbolt on my knee whist using the maps to drive haha, i know... this is dangerous, hence why I need one so bad
    04-12-2011 04:26 AM
  17. SoraKy's Avatar
    For great justice.
    04-12-2011 05:26 AM
  18. raulwelder's Avatar
    Would really love one of these for my wife's bolt hopefully we can be one of the lucky winners......android central #1
    04-12-2011 05:52 AM
  19. Chrisy's Avatar
    I already have one of these, so don't pick me. Just wanted to say it's a great mount, and good contest!
    04-12-2011 06:18 AM
  20. raineslc's Avatar
    Winning this would be so double rainbow
    04-12-2011 06:20 AM
  21. aquariusjive's Avatar
    pick me, pick me!
    My tele needs a speshil charging dock!!!!
    04-12-2011 06:23 AM
  22. tropper's Avatar
    I already have one of these, so don't pick me. Just wanted to say it's a great mount, and good contest!
    Does it fit with say a Seidio innocaseII
    04-12-2011 06:29 AM
  23. cfairchi's Avatar
    Oh, I could really use one of these. Does it work with the extended battery?
    04-12-2011 06:31 AM
  24. RayGee's Avatar
    Thanks. This mount looks perfect.

    04-12-2011 06:40 AM
  25. cloud36426's Avatar
    Really need one of these. Thanks in advance
    04-12-2011 06:46 AM
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