08-18-2017 11:04 AM
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  1. lucianus_luciferus's Avatar
    06-01-2017 11:49 AM
  2. Demon Seed's Avatar
    Heres mine...
    Anyone know what it says on its back? Besides the obvious Android...
    Attached Thumbnails Who wants an Android Mini collectible?? I'm giving 12 away!-android-collectable-pink-kitty.jpg  
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    06-01-2017 09:33 PM
  3. Matty's Avatar
    Heres mine...
    Anyone know what it says on its back? Besides the obvious Android...
    Thanks for sharing! Love seeing all these lovely Android figurines!
    Looks to me like the word is "cat" in Chinese (Simplified).
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    06-06-2017 03:03 PM
  4. Daermos's Avatar
    Pry way to late for this
    06-07-2017 06:23 PM
  5. kbz1960's Avatar
    Those are pretty cool. Bet the nephews and nieces would like them. Or the greats for that matter
    06-07-2017 07:11 PM
  6. kbz1960's Avatar
    The contest is over and winners were already selected.
    Awe. Guess I needed to read ahead. Grats to all that won!
    06-07-2017 07:12 PM
  7. Dhiraj Varma's Avatar

    I'm moving and in the process of packing I found a pile of boxes in the storage room. I opened one up and was surprised to realize that I'd found a long forgotten bunch of Android mini figures that I had packed up for a contest like 2 years ago. Rather than un-box them all and store them for 2 more years, I figured I should go ahead and give them away.

    So leave a comment below if you want one, and I'll pick 12 winners early next week and send them each one of the boxes. I'm 90% sure that they're all Series 4 figures, but I could be wrong. It's a mystery! Hahah! The picture above is not mine, but should represent the figures that the winners will get, though no promises lol.

    Open worldwide, must be registered at AC to comment. Good luck!
    Id love one of those! For my car dashboard
    06-17-2017 07:37 AM
  8. ByteMyAscii's Avatar
    Damn, only just noticed this and its all over.
    08-13-2017 10:34 AM
  9. Rebecca Wann's Avatar
    I would like to have one
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    08-18-2017 10:49 AM
  10. anon(238680)'s Avatar
    I would like to have one
    This contest has been over for quite a while. Closing thread.
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    08-18-2017 11:04 AM
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