1. ia24's Avatar
    I know there's threads like this, but personally, what are some things you guys like to do as soon as you get your new Android device? Like which important apps do you download first, which settings do you change right away, etc.
    08-24-2011 12:32 AM
  2. pawdog's Avatar
    Being new to Android. Coming from webOS. The first thing I did was look for the best community for my device and start reading everything I could. The community said rooting and rom-ing was needed to get the most out of the phone. So I learned to root then install the consensus best rom for the device.

    After that I looked for podcast apps, web browsers, file managers, music players, and fun stuff like that. Next were launchers and keyboards. After a while it was offline gps navigation apps and of course games.

    I use my Dell Streak as a tablet only so my use is different than a phone user.

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    08-24-2011 04:06 AM
  3. ia24's Avatar
    I've pretty much done the first thing already, I read through these forums gathering everything I can about Android and the phone I plan to get (Galaxy S II). And then I guess it's the customizing stuff, thanks!
    08-25-2011 08:58 PM