1. atlkr5's Avatar
    I am so ready to leave my BB.
    I love the Android platform.

    Unfortunately with ATT, Today I see my dream girl/phone the Samsung Galaxy S is going to T-Mobile. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

    I can not leave ATT, I do get great service, have 10,000 rollover, 4 phones, and a good history, (except when I tried that stupid Apple Phone).

    So can you help tell ATT to get on the move with an android phone.

    Oh yeah and the Backflip, is not my cup of tea.

    Sorry, I just want a real phone.

    Thanks for listening to my RANT!!
    05-17-2010 06:44 PM
  2. quetzalcoatl's Avatar
    Just join FB and get on there with the group that keeps hounding them nearly daily about the android selection.
    As far as the Galaxy S goes I have seen where Samsung has said they will try to get it to every major carrier. So you still have hope.
    05-17-2010 07:47 PM
  3. Genetic_Bloom's Avatar
    You can get the Nexus One if you're willing to pay the full price for it, that'd be your best bet especially on AT&T since they seem to be destroying the phones they have now.
    05-17-2010 08:09 PM