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    im thinking about changing from a bb to an android phone...specifically the behold 2 when it comes out. i got a chance to play with one, and was really impressed. my question is though, how do android phones do on battery life, can you reload the os if there is an issue with the phone like a bb, and is it easy to get non gmail accounts pushed to the phones. ok thats more than one, but oh well...thanks for the help guys, figured you would understand why im asking
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    11-12-2009 11:31 AM
  2. mclarryjr's Avatar
    I came from the tour and really like my new droid. The biggest difference in the speed of the droid opening and closing programs, boot time. I do miss some of the short cuts you get with the BB physical keyboard but learning to live with it.
    Battery life is very comparable to my old storm I can make it all day on 1 charge with somewhat heavy use. I haven't tried or needed to reload the OS but did do that a lot with my BB with all the leaks so I can't help you there.
    As for push email I made a gmail account and have all my mail forwarded to that then pushed to my droid which is as fast as my tour. And after having that gmail account for over a week I'm starting to use as my main email account because I really like it.
    I think you will be very happy coming over to the Android phones I know I am.
    11-12-2009 01:10 PM
  3. hawklet00's Avatar
    i could have my hotmail account forwarded to a gmail account?
    11-15-2009 05:16 PM
  4. ERDude's Avatar
    If hotmail allows forwarding yes.

    I too came from the Tour and don't see myself going back to BB anytime soon. I've had the Hero since pre-launch (Oct 9th), I'm happy to say that I haven't had to reboot or pull the battery in that time. Very solid OS.
    11-15-2009 09:48 PM