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    I have been trying for months now to get my friends to start using instant messaging on their phones. I am always met with the same response, "why should I use that when I have SMS?" I always tell them that it is faster, more secure, more reliable and we all have data plans so why waste them. No one ever seems to want to budge.

    I have even tried to get people use apps like Handcent and GO so that their SMS and I.M. is combined into one app but that still doesn't work.

    So what I was wondering is if anyone else has ran into friends/family like this and you continuously tried to convert them and were successful in doing so and how you broke their brainwashed states.
    05-31-2012 12:18 PM
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    I am on the opposite side. I just prefer the sms. For my application it works better than gtalk most of the time.

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    06-02-2012 09:16 PM
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    I agree with you pm. They most people are so dence. The sms thing on average costs a user $10 or more a month. That is a $120 a year and KIK is available free on your data plan. I don't have that kind of money to waste so I just block all text and force friends to either get KIK or send me an email. why pay the cell providers $120 a year for some thing that is available and included in your data plan. The only on top of that it costs the cell phone provider less then $0. 20 A MONTH per user for upkeep to provide sms, it is pure profit and robbery in my opinion. So I say keep up the fight with your friends and family. No reason to waste money just cause they're blind to the big picture.

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    06-02-2012 09:34 PM