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    I asked Verizon this question Will i have to pay full price to keep my unlimited data when its time for me to upgrade my phone? And then they sent me this

    "Good afternoon Aaron, my name is Jason. I can certainly understand wanting to keep your unlimited data plan. I would be more than happy to review your options concerning your data plan going forward.

    Once our new plans go into effect on June 28, 2012, any upgrade where you receive a phone at a discount will force you to either change your plan to a new Share Everything plan, or you can keep your plan the same and switch to a tiered data plan starting at 2GB/$30.

    If you wish to keep your data plan unlimited you have that option, but what you stated in your email is correct, you would have to pay full retail for the device. You also have the option of providing your own equipment. You can purchase a phone from a third party such as Craigslist, eBay, etc, and then call us to activate it on your account. This would allow you to keep your unlimited plan as well"
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    ...uh it hasn't been a rumor for awhile now. It's been a known fact for a few weeks.


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