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    While searching Google for pages related to some minor issue I was having with my Nexus One, I came across an article from an iPhone developer written back in February comparing the iPhone 3GS to the Nexus One. In this article, the developer goes on to say the Nexus One does a lot of things right, but then goes on to describe how the iPhone is better because of several factors (to be fair he does admit he is biased). Interestingly enough, he mentions the higher resolution screen and the increased pixel density of the N1 over the 3GS to be completely unnecessary. So I guess he must hate the iPhone 4 right?

    Regarding Nexus One:
    "The higher resolution screen makes text and drawn elements look a touch smoother and less jaggy, but there's a high price for something most people won't notice. I could see a difference when placed side-by-side next to my iPhone, but the Nexus One's screen didn't jump out at me as that much noticeably better than the iPhone's screen, and even when placed side-by-side, the difference wasn't earth-shattering. Besides that, having all those extra pixels to display text smoothly is rather a waste given that text on the Android's quite simply looks like ***.

    The iPhone's 150 ppi screen has a higher-resolution that the vast, vast majority of LED or CRT devices ever created. I don't know of a single person who ever looked at the iPhone's 150 ppi screen and said "if only I needed a more powerful magnifying glass to see the jaggies". The Nexus One's screen seems like a pure case of trying to compete on specs without regard to whether there was any need for a better spec. In other words, a solution looking for a problem. After all this time with the Nexus One's "better" screen, I don't find my iPhone to be at all lacking in that regard.

    "Because you can" is rarely a good reason for including a feature."
    What I find funny is this same guy went out and probably bought an iPhone 4 right away, and has no bad things to say about the "retina display". In some people's eyes, Apple can do no wrong. It's ironic that the same argument is being used here to say why the 3GS is better and then later by everyone else to say why the iPhone 4 is better.

    Now this guy isn't a tech blogger or a journalist, so it's not like he's in a position to "report" objectively on the 2 phones. However, I do believe there is a takeaway here. People will use almost any argument to tout the virtues of their platform or device of choice. Nobody wants to admit that what they own themselves isn't the best. I think as Android users we owe it to others to not be blind fanatics and followers like I've seen from many Apple fans.

    Whenever someone asks me about smartphones and Android, I try to be as unbiased as possible, giving both the positives and negatives I personally know about for a given device. I may even (rarely) recommend someone to something like an iPhone if I think they may be confused by Android or if the iPhone may fit their needs better. Opinions aren't fact. I love Android and don't care much for Apple, but I can see why certain people like their products.

    I like Android because of what it can do for me, and how it meets my needs, not because I saw some trendy hipster on TV dancing around with a Droid. To be honest, I hope Android never becomes the next "it" thing. There's a certain amount of geek-cred to be had by being one of the Android faithful. I can at least say I didn't buy into all the marketing and hype, and I'm not leashed to Apple and iTunes for everything. Bottom line, competition drives innovation, and innovation is good for us all. Without iOS I don't think you'd have Android, and without Android I don't think you'd have the iPhone 4 in its current state.

    So let's all just get along, yeah?
    07-06-2010 12:47 PM
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    Oops, I meant to place this in the General Chat section. Please move for me if you see this. Thanks.
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    I got you
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