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    So I am trying to go back to school, and am looking for something that would relate to the mobile/cellular industry. I found a program from Full Sail University called Mobile Development, that was basically exactly what I wanted. However, the research I have done on the school (as far as accreditation and such) has me looking elsewhere. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Suggestions? It would need to be 100% online. Thanks in advance!
    10-18-2012 01:07 AM
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    What would you like to do in the mobile/cellular industry? Design the chips for the phone? Be a software developer to make the apps run smoother? Or manufacturing to designed the look of the phone. Some ideas.
    10-19-2012 10:34 AM
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    I'm in the exact same position! It's strange that I found this post because I just talked to someone from full sail yesterday about the online Mobile development course. I too have been reading online allover the place trying to figure out if I should do it. Honestly I've been looking for a while and full sail is the only place I found that has this kind of course. The only other option I've found is itt tech has a course, but it wasn't mobile development, it was more like the Mobile cellular side of it im pretty sure. And that's wasn't even online and they didn't have it at the school near me. I too am going to need an online school. As for full sails reputation and creditability, I'm with you I'm not so sure yet. It's ALOT of money. Like 60gs. And definitely need to make sure it's going to be worth it. There BBB certified or whatever. And they don't have anything major against them, I was reading through cases filed against full sail and most seemed like administrative ups, and stuff like that. I did find some videos on YouTube though by students either in the course or had already taken the course, and they seemed pretty positive about it. One thing I found most people had to say was that you'll get out of it what you put in, and general stuff about going to school online How it's a bit harder than a traditional school because there isn't a teacher in the room and that they can't get back to you right away. Though the students did say the teachers are pretty good and helpful. But I would check out those videos and stuff like that from people who have actually went to the school or are in the course.

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    10-20-2012 05:48 AM
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    If you find out any other alternatives though you should let me know, post here or whatever and ill do the same. The problem we have though is that the Mobile industry is in its infancy still, and education in this field hasn't begun to filter through 99%of schools. That's one of the reasons why I really want to get into this industry ASAP though, because there isn't a lot of people, yet... who think oh I want to go to school to learn how to develop for mobile. The smartphone market is so huge already and it's only growing every day, lots of time to spread and there will be lots of opportunity it seems.

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    10-20-2012 05:55 AM
  5. fofjjsr's Avatar
    I am looking for something similar to full sails degree program. I have read their credits aren't legit and don't transfer. Plus I get my education mostly paid for through work (I do work in the cellular industry already) and they do not recognize full sails a credibility.

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    10-22-2012 03:12 PM

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