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    So I decided to start making video reviews of PC games. Did a bit of research and found out that MSI Afterburner is an all-around great software for monitoring and capturing videos and pictures. Better than Fraps or Bandicam. At least that's what I got from reading different forums and comparisons.

    Anyway, the problem I have is when I capture videos with the MSIAB, character vocals are messed up. Every time I record a cutscene, the characters sound either very distant (if they speak loudly/scream) or can not be heard at all. Everything else sounds as it should. Enabling or disabling Downmixing under video capture settings doesn't seem to make a difference. Tried recording it with headphones plugged in and while it was an improvement, the voices were still messed up. This time the vocals were much louder, and can actually be heard, but they sounded like they came from the left speaker only and sounded like people were talking in a tunnel. The game I'm trying this on is Far Cry 3. Any tips greatly appreciated

    By the way, the format I'm going for is a typical video game review: gameplay footage in the background, with game sound turned down a bit, while I talk about the game, with some scenes at full audio; and game music playing all throughout.
    12-07-2012 02:29 PM

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