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    It seems today that on one end you have wireless companies getting more and more restrictive and expensive with their data plans. On the other end you have more data hungry apps that can cause you to blow through a small data cap in the blink of an eye (just look at how much YouTube can chew up). Sure, wifi is nice if you have reliable and speedy access to it, but a large portion of the population doesn't. Now add to the mix that network speeds go up and up over time, letting you blow your restrictive cap even quicker.

    It would seen to me that at some point, the infinite force will hit the immovable object and something will have to give. I'm sure we could all agree that it would be outrageous to see a data plan only offering 1 GB/mo for $2000 and minimum decent requirements for people being 1 TB/mo just to browse Facebook. Something would give before that hypothetical point, and that's what I'm wondering about.

    Have there been any rumblings or rumors about the issue of needing more data but carriers limiting its access and raising prices? Is it probable that they will expand their capacity enough that they can offer unlimited bandwidth reliably again at a fair price nationwide, or at least get to a point where they realize they are pricing themselves out of business and offer decent plans at decent prices on a nationwide network?

    This isn't about any one company, but about about the future of data and pricing in general as things evolve and if/when the current trends I've seen will be bucked. Sure, there are some smaller carriers that offer good deals if you happen to live in a place they service, but that's not an available option if coverage is an issue (like for me because I travel for work). Seems like there isn't any one great option yet because the trade offs are currently pretty extreme between companies.
    12-12-2012 11:14 AM

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