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    I have an asus eee pc 1005peb netbook. The DC port is going bad, as I have to manipulate the plug part of the cord so that it charges and powers the netbook. I shopped around for repairs and found online deals for $65 but I have to send my netbook to people I'm not even remotely familiar with to even know if they are trustworthy and go without my netbook for potentially weeks. Or go with one of the few local shops I found that will do the repair for as low as $100 (one local business I just heard about from the local best buy geek squad repair guy as they were the first place I thought to try. I don't know how to unsolder and solder otherwise I would just get the part and do it myself. Unless I can get someone local that will do the labor for free or for the $65 or less including the cost of the part.

    Then I thought well perhaps it would just be in my best interest to get a new netbook. But it doesn't look like asus as made any new models since 2010. All of which have been discontinued. Probably a needle in a hay stack to try and find a new one for sale somewhere. Back when I bought this netbook I considered all other brands and models at that time and didn't like any of them for one reason or another. So I'm not sure if I can expect any of those brands to have improved their netbooks to correct those dislikes. And that's assuming that anyone makes netbooks still. I have a HP touchpad with webOS and CM9 on it but never really used it as a complete replacement for my netbook as the main usage of it is web browsing with firefox and I have several hundred tabs in about a dozen tab groups. In my experience to date with firefox on android is that the tab experience is significantly different in navigation and whatnot. So it slows things down and takes longer to do what I do on my netbook. I'm not sure if everything you can install on windows 7 on the PC can be installed on windows 7or 8 tablets (assuming they exist). And if the app usage is identical other than the difference between mouse vs touch interfacing.

    Anyways that's about it any thoughts, advice, etc?
    01-13-2013 12:21 PM
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    I have never considered the PC to be dead, but the netbook was one I had no problem moving from. I had Word installed on it and bunches of others that were also on my laptop. Performance was not an issue. Bought the Acer A500 and moved on.

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    01-13-2013 12:38 PM
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    Instead of netbooks, now there are the ultrabooks, bigger than a netbook, but smaller than a laptop. They usually run low voltage cpus that allow for longer battery life.

    Some manufactures still are trying to keep the ultrabook format alive, Asus being one of them with their Android transformer series, that can be attached to a keyboard dock for extra battery life. The complete package looks like a netbook type device.

    Dell does make Windows 7 and Windows 8 latitude 10 tablets, but the Windows 7 version may be discontinued or need to be special ordered. These tabs run full Windows OS, not RT, like the original Windows 8 tabs. They run full version apps like on the desktop. Granted the cpus are low power for battery savings, but Microsoft's newer surface pro has an i5 cpu. Runs hotter, and lower battery life, but more horsepower and ram.

    Process for Windows tabs is still steep, but they appear to be quality made products.

    Dell also has a new "ultrabook" device that they had out previously, wick is a 12" inspiron model that has a rotating touch enabled screen for use with Windows 8 as a laptop or tablet, so I guess it could be called a ultrabook as well.

    I don't mind using Dell products as they work for my needs and wants. I used to build my own desktops for gaming, but that hobby gets expensive after a while. They offer laptops that fill my needs for a reasonable price, that is why I mentioned them.

    Other OEMs that you may want to check is Lenovo or Samsung (chromebook?) Or even Sony. Just keep in mind that small notebooks in the netbook or ultrabook range command a higher price than a basic 15 inch laptop mainly due to the portability factor that everyone wants.

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    01-13-2013 02:54 PM
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    I'll look into those windows 8 tablets, Especially if they are dockable like the transformer. In fact that leads me to ask if there are transformer models with windows 8 as an option? Or reaching for it, I wonder could I put windows 8 on my HP touchpad. The main reason I like the netbook I got other than the reasons I liked it over the other brands and models at the time is it's size and weight. It is very portable and comfortable to use and unlike the 15" laptop I had years ago actually is something I would tote around with me. Same with a 10" tablet. Though 7" tablet would fit in my cargo pants pocket thus even more portable.
    01-13-2013 08:36 PM

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