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    Hi everyone, EasternB here, developer of Xumba Call Protection.

    I created this app called Xumba a while ago that offers a sure way of protecting private incoming calls.

    Why I created this app is that frequently I would forget my phone around people that would answer the phone because I was away. This wasn't ok for me as many members of my close knit family and most of my friends were nosy, always trying to figure out the most trivial things about my life. Also, there were many times I was not informed about a call and only found out through the caller.

    Xumba basically puts a stop to all of that and puts the control of answering calls in the hands of where it belongs, me. Now that I have Xumba, I don't worry about leaving my phone at home in the company of my friends or at my mother's house, Xumba protects my privacy at all times.

    I developed Xumba to be flexible, which means users can select the contacts that they want to use Xumba on if they don't want to Xumba their entire phone book, which is also possible.

    The only job Xumba does is protect calls, so the app does not take up much storage space on your Android.

    Please check out my Xumba page and share your thoughts with me.

    Xumba - Protect Incoming Calls
    09-07-2013 09:31 AM

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