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    So today, I decided to do a factory reset on my Dinc after a failed attempt with the leaked RUU (Same USB failure that many others are talking about in the Dinc board). Probably wasn't necessary to do a factory reset, but figured it would be nice to have everything fairly fresh before finally receiving the OTA. I've done factory resets before with no problem, but this one didn't go so well. When the phone finally booted up and dialed *228 to activate, I found myself on the US Cellular network instead of Verizon. After fiddling with it for awhile and getting nowhere, I finally went to the Verizon store for help. They had it fixed within a few minutes (apparently *22800 fixes this, in case it happens to anybody else), but that's when everything went south.

    I began getting a lot of meeting request messages from many different corporate contacts from work to my Gmail address, which has never happened before. Took me awhile to figure out what was going on, but it became clear once I got back home.

    I use Google Calendar Sync program on my work computer to sync my Outlook Calendar with my Gmail Calendar. Up until now, it has been a nifty tool that prevents me from being late for meetings. It's supposed to be a one way sync from Outlook to Gmail, but today it wasn't for some reason. After my phone restored and found itself back on the Verizon network, my Gmail calendar began sending out meeting requests for all meetings in my calendar (future and past). Even if I wasn't the meeting organizer, it changed me to be the meeting organizer and emailed requests to everyone originally invited. I don't mean just a few requests were sent out... HUNDREDS were sent out all across North America, including a few to the CEO and VP. I really dread going to work Monday to hear from so many people about how I borked their Outlook calendar.

    Anyways... Over and done with until Monday, I suppose. Will not be using the Calendar sync tool anymore. LOL If anybody has any idea why this happened, please let me know.
    08-28-2010 11:30 PM
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    After checking into this, it's apparently a known issue with Google Cal Sync. Just a heads up for you guys in case you decide to give it a try... don't! LOL

    Google Calendar Sync sending erroneous notifications! - Calendar Help
    08-29-2010 12:51 AM
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    Cause you had a bad day, our taking one down, you sing a sad song just to turn it around
    09-11-2010 12:28 PM