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    I'm waiting on something amazing to convince me its time to upgrade my stereo. I have a 2012 taocoma with its base non-touchscreen stereo. The bluetooth connectivity is great and I have a really slick mount which makes it look like my nexus 5 is floating on my dash for maps and things like that. But I'm willing do drop 500-1000$ for a good aftermarket stereo if it does everything. Toyota has a pretty sweet entune dvd nav system done by QNX as an option . But I still feel its not worth the hassle of upgrading it when my smartphone is more powerfull still.

    Pioneer came out with these at CES Pioneer unveils NEX, its Networked Entertainment eXperience with five new in-car receivers Basically they use your phones internet connection to make the experience better, Connected with usb though, come on just put a wifi receiver in there and be done. This is the best option so far. But for 1500$ I dunno. I'd expect more for that kind of money. I need to see this hands on when it hits the market.

    Here's sonys big move .Sony's XSP-N1BT turns your smartphone into an in-car entertainment system | The Verge The idea is pretty good but this comes up short, and I wouldn't spend the money on it. If it was an android kit kat tablet in the front. And a fully connected in dash receiver in the back (stereo controls, sirius, backup camera etc.) Id spend the money.

    JVC is going the MHL route, which I think is a mess of cords. Everything needs to be wireless. Bluetooth or wifi. JVC announces app mirroring receivers for iPhone 5, MHL-based Androids | CES 2014: Car Tech - CNET Blogs Even if android phones came strati HDMI - HDMI like blackberrys I still wouldnt want the cord.

    Alpine is just going bigger, making a whole dash replacement for GM and ford vehicles. Boring.

    So another year gone and still no mind blowing moves in the auto aftermarket field. You can definitely upgrade form a basic stereo but your stereo will still be less advanced then your smartphone in your pocket. There's a lot of space in a dash, what gives.
    01-15-2014 01:52 AM
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    I've read a few people just replaced the spot with a tablet x)

    - Android Central App. N'oublions jamais l'Australie, Villers-Bretonneux.
    01-18-2014 08:15 AM

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