1. Dmitryon's Avatar
    Hello all!

    I am new to this forum, therefore please forgive me if I make mistake or two.

    Most of us sharing our images online. I would like to recommend something rather revolutionary for your testing, because I'm blown away.

    This new App called Phantom , made recently in Japan.

    Phantom will let you limit others access your shared media. When you got some photos that you'd like to share, but only with closest friends, you can use Phantom to limit access to others without risk. It's a little hard to understand at first, because this app is the first in it's kind, but, just bare with me for a bit.

    Phantom - how everyone should share-scrnen2.png

    For example, you took a picture in a bar with friends, and you want to share it with couple of your best friends, but at the same time you don't want them to immediately share it so your jealous husband (or wife!) will see them. You can share these pictures with Phantom. It will be possible to see this picture only with Phantom - not only that - friends won't be able to save those pictures or make a screenshot!! And for especially inventive "friends" that will try and take a picture of their phone while watching your picture you can set a view timer to as short as 1 second or view count to 1 and let them do their worst.

    Phantom - how everyone should share-scrnen3.png

    Personally, I don't share my pictures on facebook anymore without using Phantom. On facebook, twitter or other social networks you may choose who can see your shared pictures and who can't, but what actually happens is you are choosing who can see/save/share your pictures and who can't. This means, if one of your friends shares picture, that you only meant to be seen by him or her, this picture goes to the world web. Or you may find your image on a tampon commercial another day - use your imagination.

    Phantom - how everyone should share-scrnen4.png

    That is why for people, who cares about what happens to their photos (and soon - videos) - Phantom is an EXTREMELY USEFUL App. Don't just give your photos away - JUST SHOW THEM with Phantom.

    Google Play link:
    06-02-2014 03:17 AM
  2. STARGATE's Avatar
    Sounds good...
    But will it work if someone takes a screenshot or a picture of said picture with a camera?

    Sent From Another Galaxy
    07-22-2014 01:56 PM
  3. Dmitryon's Avatar
    Yes. The picture will be different, your finger will cover a part of picture and it can be set to nearly impossible to take in the settings.
    10-27-2014 01:10 AM

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