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    I'm planning on a lengthy trip through Europe/Asia later in the year, primarily via trains/buses. For that, I'm looking for primarily an entertainment device for lulls on these trips. Also, in my everyday life I'm into hiking and some other outdoor activities and would like a device that's useful there (I guess it'd primarily be used as a camera). Most of this time there would either be no mobile network available, or it'd be roaming at rates too expensive to bother much with.

    I'm thinking a phablet of sorts might be good for this. Although model recommendations would be appreciated, I'm also interested in more general tips for how to pick the right device based on others' experience with those sort of things, or even if it might make sense to get separate/different devices (like maybe a tablet and a digital camera). Or perhaps you feel there isn't much point in a premium device if I'm infrequently connecting to anything.
    04-11-2015 08:50 PM

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