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    I have a $250 budget to buy an unlocked phone that I plan on using with MetroPCS. The two that I've been looking at are the Samsung S4 and HTC One M7. Both seem like great phones. The HTC not having a removable battery and no microSD slot make me hesitant. I was just checking out the unlocked S5 and M8, but they're over my budget. I want to buy the phone new...I don't like the idea of buying a used phone or even one that's been refurbished. A nice screen that doesn't bug my eyes out and battery life are important to me. As for screen size, I wouldn't want anything larger than 5". I honestly wouldn't mind settling with one of the phones MetroPCS offers, but the screens are terrible and kill my eyes. I'm just looking for feedback from people that are using/used either of these phones. Maybe some suggestions on a phone I've possibly overlooked....

    10-15-2015 11:12 AM

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