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  • Kaspersky

    4 26.67%
  • Trend Micro

    4 26.67%
  • Norton

    1 6.67%
  • Other

    4 26.67%
  • None

    2 13.33%
  1. Anonymous98134001's Avatar
    Greetings everyone,

    I would like to start a sub-forum on Computers and Software. To kick this off, I would like to discuss Anti-Virus and Internet security. Currently I am using Trend Micro Titanium. I had purchased a Samsung QX410-S02 Notebook with Kaspersky Antivirus. Best Buy is pushing this brand and saying Consumer Reports ranked it better than Trend.

    I didn't have the computer long enough to really get to see it in action. The Computer had a problem installing programs so I returned it. I wouldn't have been so mad if it wasn't already set up by "professionals" who might have noticed this when they set it up.

    My Trend Micro account is almost up in a month. I was wondering if anyone else had experience with either of these two Anti Virus programs and would be able to assist me in choosing the best quality product. Or do you use something else? To note, Kaspersky has a mobile security program app out there. I have not used it yet. The computer I'm using currently is a HP Pavillion DV9000 with Windows Vista 64bit. Intel Core dual processors.
    02-27-2011 04:50 PM
  2. jdbower's Avatar
    On my wife's and mother's PC I use Iolo System Mechanic Pro for both maintenance and AV protection (they have a VERY nice license that covers three machines with a single purchase). On many other systems I just load up AVGFree which I've found to be a bit more stable (there was a period where my Iolo machines would fail to load the AV component one by one, but a major version update seems to have fixed that).

    For my Linux desktops I run ClamAV - yes, there's plenty of malware out there for Linux as well but with 1% desktop market share it's not a lucrative target so it's not as common. While I maintain that the best antivirus is sitting behind the keyboard, when open-sourced malware hits trusted repositories the hope is that ClamAV will help clean things up.
    02-27-2011 05:39 PM
  3. ragnarokx's Avatar
    Hope you don't mind, I added a "None" option to the poll. I'm on OSX and am riding the near-nonexistant virus wave as long as I can
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    02-28-2011 01:55 AM
  4. jdbower's Avatar
    I'm on OSX and am riding the near-nonexistant virus wave as long as I can
    Thanks for that, Mac users making themselves an easy target are taking the heat off Windows systems. With the first Mac-only botnet found two years ago and frequent new malware reports (like this random one from yesterday) you may want to look into Sophos.

    Remember, most malware is becoming platform-independent. All it takes is a website or email server and a dream to get tons of useful information.
    02-28-2011 06:26 AM
  5. RodoBabbins's Avatar
    Voted for Trend, been using it for a few years now and with their 3 computers license is really nice. It's true the most successful internet security system is the person behind the keyboard.
    02-28-2011 10:42 AM
  6. backbeat's Avatar
    Kaspersky user here for the past ~4 years. Multi-PC license for the same period also. They are always improving the UI to make the daily-grind experience as *****-proof as possible.
    02-28-2011 12:08 PM
  7. FreudSlipped's Avatar
    I use Microsoft Security Essentials and have done so since it first came out as a beta. It puts little strain on system performance and does exactly what I need. I also scan periodically with Malware Bytes as a just in case type security blanket.
    02-28-2011 01:36 PM
  8. kc8flb's Avatar
    MSE FTW!
    03-03-2011 11:21 AM
  9. Dperks17's Avatar
    I'm protecting my computer. MB Pro 13" i7
    03-05-2011 11:09 PM
  10. Bombinadam1403's Avatar
    I've been seeing a lot of Trend Micro go out lately... It's really a tie right now between Kaspersky and Trend Micro... Occasionally I'll see Webroot as well... I use Norton and have for years... People hate it but for the most part mine works great...
    Of course, I defend my computer as well
    03-06-2011 09:15 PM
  11. jcrawford777's Avatar
    I have had Kaspersky Internet Security for about 6 years now and I gotta say, it's the best I've ever had. Although I have a friend who has had trend Micro for about the same time and raves about it also. I think they're are both very good. My take on it from what I know, is that Kaspersky doesn't slow the system quite as much as Trend Micro. I would say, if you want to switch, it would be a very good choice. I only had one problem with something getting through last year and when I called Cust Serv. they send me a link, I downloaded it, it ran, and cleared the system in 5 minutes. I will always use Kaspersky
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    04-07-2011 09:46 PM
  12. jcrawford777's Avatar
    Norton is bloated. It works well but slows the system pretty bad. Kaspersky won't do that
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    04-07-2011 09:47 PM
  13. Anonymous98134001's Avatar
    I ended up going with Kaspersky. I have had Trend Micro, and still run into problems. Nothing major, but enough to make me question what I was spending money on this program for. I did noticed my computer was a bit bogged down at times. Kaspersky is on my new computer, and I don't feel the system being over tasked at all even though it is a newer, more powerful computer, I'm taking that into account by the way. Thank you to everyone for the words of experience.
    12-09-2011 10:34 AM
  14. JesseMT4G's Avatar
    No way I would use Norton, huge system hog! Parents had it on their computer that they gave to me years ago and was a pain to get it all off.

    Been running Kaspersky for the better part of 4 years now and works like a charm! I have a license for 3 computers and I got it for 2 years to cut down on cost. Awesome support through their forums and can just upgrade from there.

    Doubt I will ever change.

    Sent from I am on Fire!
    12-12-2011 12:17 AM

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