1. Umass021's Avatar
    Is the droid the best android powered smart phone?
    02-16-2010 03:30 PM
  2. DaveTheRealtor's Avatar
    There are a lot of variables, but if you are going to be on Verizon, yes.
    02-16-2010 03:44 PM
  3. ninjataint's Avatar
    That's mostly subjective. There are a lot of variable in software and hardware that can be a plus or minus to different people. My rooted and overclocked droid is best for me.
    02-16-2010 03:48 PM
  4. clr007's Avatar
    I started to think, "No, the Nexus One is..." but then realized that T-Mobile isn't necessarily the best network around, especially when compared to Verizon.

    If you're a physical keyboard option fan, and want a decent processor, and a "stock" phone, the Droid is the best Android-based phone currently on the market. (Even if you're not a physical keyboard fan, the Droid is good... it's just that the physical keyboard makes it a bit thicker and heavier than other phones without one.)

    In the past year or so, I've owned an iPhone 3G (AT&T), a Palm Pre (Sprint), and a Droid (VZW). While the iPhone had its good points (usability is one of them), I'm happiest with the Droid.
    02-16-2010 04:54 PM
  5. that1bb's Avatar
    As for reception, the Droid is the best. Many people raved about how blackberrys have great reception, but it was not the case for me. Blackberrys took longer to recover from lost signal than my Droid. Heck, it seems like the Droid does everything faster (yes, even gmail is faster)
    02-16-2010 06:01 PM
  6. MBSMD's Avatar
    For me, the best Android phone is that which is on Verizon.
    And as for the Nexus One vs. Moto Droid, if you're a movie watcher, the Droid's 16:9 screen aspect ratio makes it really nice.
    02-16-2010 06:23 PM
  7. bconley007's Avatar
    so far, the droid has been my best phone since i have been with verizon.
    02-16-2010 09:45 PM
  8. that1bb's Avatar
    In my opinion, as long as the phone runs android and works well as a phone, it is the best in my book. Droid is the best for me.
    02-17-2010 01:37 PM