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    So I'm a techie and had this LG G4 for almost 2 years now. I'm in my mid 40's so even though I'm in the IT profession and prefer to have recent technology in my palm and pocket, I'm not your typical newer generation person that looks at their phone like wearing jewelry, is worried about spec bragging rights, or considers their mobile device as contributing to their personal image.

    With that said, I spent several hours online and in the stores looking at the latest, being the LG G6, Google Pixel XL, and Samsung S8 and S8+. I figure I would distill what I concluded for whatever it's worth to those out there agonizing about commiting $650-$850 to get the lastest and "greatest" right now.

    I'll just start out by saying, at the end of the day, the conclusion *for me* at this point was none of these phones offered a compelling advantage over my trusty G4 to justify investing in them *at the price they are currently selling for.* My G4 looks and works like new, I don't play games, and I have an APS-C compact Sony camera for serious photography (the G4 camera is still one of the better smartphone cameras for those quick point-and-shoots.) So instead I ordered a $15 replacement battery from Amazon to get that brand new battery life (not that my battery was failing but after 2 years it wasn't what it used to be.)

    There are lots of finer points to compare on all these, and what is important is going to vary from person to person a bit, but here's a summary of the main points I got from all the research and seeing/handling them in person.

    Google Pixel XL
    + It's Google so no bloatware and fastest updates
    + Argeuably best camera currently on any flagship smartphone
    + Really good video stabilization
    - No micro-SD card slot
    - No IP68 dust and water resistance
    - No wireless charging

    Samsung S8/S8+
    + AMOLED screen is best you'll see on any phone right now (even though all these have great screens, this one really "pops" - it looks incredible)
    + Very stylish design (important to you Millenials) if you're okay with the curved edge
    + Camera is right up there close if not on par with Pixel XL
    + 64GB internal memory
    + Micro-SD Card slot
    + IP68 dust and water resistance
    + Snapdragon 835 processor is more efficient than 821 on Pixel and G6 = better battery life
    + S8+ has good battery life, S8 not as much - just average
    - Slick as sh*t to hold - I mean slippery slick, not you look slick holding it
    - Curved screen edges is gimicky and makes glass screen protectors and/or cases that protect the front face a bit impractical
    - Fingerprint sensor in a bad location (hard to find and you can easily smudge camera)
    - Samsung interface is slow and bloated in comparison to Pixel and somewhat G6
    - Aspect ratio is even greater than 2:1 making the screen longer than the new standard 18:9 trend. I was amazed that the 6.2" S6+ did not look like a big phone but after handling it, I think it's too long. I'd prefer they made the phone 6.2" in 18:9 instead of 18.5:9 ratio so it was not as long.
    - No removable battery

    LG G6
    + Micro-SD card slot
    + Camera comparable to Pixel and S8 but also has wide angle lens
    + Fingerprint sensor in good location
    + Excellent case design - personally WAY prefer the flat face over the S8 curved, not as slick in the hand
    + LG interface not as heavy handed as Samsung
    - No removable battery
    - Battery life worse than S8 (mainly due to 821 versus newer 835 processor)

    If you like Samsung products, play a lot of games, or just want something that people can easily recognize as being the lastest from Samsung - the S8/S8+ is a no brainer.

    If you want to always have the latest Android version quickest and/or like to have the freedom to switch carriers without having to unlock and without having carrier-specific firmware, the Pixel is the way to go.

    If you're not a Samsung fanboy, and/or don't like the Edge curved design, and don't care about being carrier agnostic (assuming you don't buy an International unlocked version), then I think overall the LG G6 provides the best value and overall design/engineering of the three, all things considered. The other two beat it in certain aspects but overall I think it's the best for the money for most users. I think it's biggest complaint is going to be the less powerful and less efficient 821 processor instead of the 835 (even though the Pixel is 821), and the brand name isn't as "in-style" as Samsung and Google, both probably more of a concern with the younger crowd or those on their phone *constantly* all day playing games and watching videos, but not a major drawback for most others.
    04-26-2017 06:37 PM
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    I'm thinking I'm about to the point I'll be holding on to one phone for a rather long time (I.e. Over 2 years). I'm currently on the V20, and I'd still pick it over those other 3 any day because it has almost all the features I want. Features that used to be commonplace and are becoming harder and harder to find in one package. Not to mention there isn't really any major developments over prior flagships (mostly incremental upgrades), and the mid tier phones are performing rather well by comparison too.

    Phones in general have kind of plateaued for now.
    04-30-2017 02:09 PM

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