1. netskie's Avatar
    I've decided to make the switch from IOS to Android mainly because I need a phone with a large screen and can't afford the 6+ . I am clueless About Android but know it will be a big adjustment. Any phone suggestions? I want at least a 5.5 inch display, 64 gig, Att or unlocked. I do not want to spread payments over time under $450
    05-25-2017 11:30 PM
  2. Tim1954's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums and to Android! It can be very confusing for newcomers, so be patient and try not to compare to Apple they are two different systems. They both have good points and bad points.
    Have a look around on the news section on AC for device recommendations.
    Best way to do it is to go the stores and hold them on your hands..
    05-26-2017 03:35 AM
  3. Mooncatt's Avatar
    If you're looking for something rather basic, look into the Pixel line. They are like Apple in that it's just native Android with no extra features and quickest updates. If you want to go with the masses, look into Samsung. Those are still bare on features, but they look fancy (the all glass bodies could be more easily broken, though).

    If features are a concern then what would you like? That can help narrow things down more. Or you could do like I did and go all out with the LG V20. It has a removable battery, still uses a large LCD (AMOLED screens have some drawbacks), micro-sd card slot, IR Blaster, the best microphones, best manual photo and video controls, metal body, headphone jack with high end DAC, and probably more I'm forgetting offhand.
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    05-28-2017 07:47 AM

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