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    Hello Samsung phone users

    A few of us have started an AndroidCentral Samsung telegram group. The purpose of the group is to chat about samsung phone stuff, generate ideas how to do stuff, and have a bit of fun

    PM me for the group link
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    11-05-2017 10:01 PM
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    For those that may be new to Telegram you will need to have opened a Telegram account prior to using the join link.

    Telegram has a phone version, pc/ios version, and web version.

    So, go to the playstore on your phone:

    for general info

    Telegram desktop:

    Whilst you use your phone number to start your account, it is optional whether you share it with others, and also optional whether you share contacts. I don't share either my phone number or my contacts, even though i am in a number of telegram groups.

    One of the many many great aspects of Telegram is that you can have it open on multiple devices at once, and it simultaneously syncs.

    PS a few android central members have joined, and we look forward to enjoying the company of more
    11-08-2017 05:47 PM

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