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    So I was thinking, now that phones will be coming with up to 1TB storage and processors close to 2x faster than a typical mid-range Intel Core i5, why we wouldn't combine a computer and phone into one device.

    The setup would involve having a 120GB partition for the Windows installation and any programs you might want on the same partition as Windows, and then shared user storage that would be accessible to both Windows 10 and Android.

    My idea is for Windows to boot up when you connect your Galaxy S or Note Phone to the DeX station, and then automatically shut down when you remove the phone from the dock.

    I personally think Samsung should make a deal with Microsoft to do this, as it would make DeX really useful and give people more incentive to buy a pricey flagship phone. Windows 10 for ARM can run x86 32bit software (assuming you are not using the crappy Windows 10S version). Although this will of course not fully replace a PC for heavy tasks, it would be far better than carrying a laptop to/from work for email, office work, circuit simulations, etc... Windows 10 on a Snapdragon 835 could run x86 Geekbench and gave an OK multicore score of 3800 (I saw this on YouTube), and since SD855 is probably 2x faster, that would mean that you could already get x86 performanc better than a lower-mid-range or even mid-range Intel based laptop.

    Even better, if you can run x86 32bit VirtualBox (or other HyperVisor software) on Win10 for ARM (this would only work if the x86 translator works with HyperVisors and not just regular software), then you could get a (relatively) smoothly running full version of everything form Windows 1.0 to 10 on mobile hardware. Mind you, using Qemu/Bochs based emulators to do the same on current devices lands you with sub-486 (or even sub-386) speeds.
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    01-30-2019 05:43 AM

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